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King Knight – A Multiplayer RPG Games that You can Play with Your Friends

King Knight – A Multiplayer RPG Games that You can Play with Your Friends

A game is more fun to play if you can play it with your friends. This is also true with a RPG games. Which is why, most developers tends to develop more multiplayer games that you can play with your friends online. This game called Kings Knight, it is one of those games that you can play with your friends.


Witness the evolution of the classic wall-smashing adventure!
6th Moon of the Luvan Year 320
Princess Claire of Olthea is abducted
by the Dark Dragon Tolfidan.

Meanwhile in Olthea, four brave souls
receive the blessing of the time god
Khalam, and embark on a quest to
rescue the captured princess.

After numerous trials and tribulations,
the four heroes arrive at the gates of
Tolfidan’s stronghold…

King Knight’s is a RPG games with a unique battle system unlike any other games. You will battle your enemy in a vertical style scrolling stages. You will be able to change your character. Each character has a job, and each job has their own playstyle, for example giant can shield, mage can heal, and many more. Your character will also have 2 skills that you can use to kill your enemy.

Now, for the multiplayer system. In the game, you need to finish up the story / quest to a certain part and then it will unlock the multiplayer system. You will be able to select a quest that you want to finish or play with your friends. You guys will need to assist each other, for example use giant to shield the other, use dual swords to deal damage, use mage to heal and many more.

Are you interested in playing the game? Well, if you are then you could click on the link below to download the game. Anyway thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Note: There is a bug. If you got a lvl 4th heroes / character in the game tutorial then you won’t be able to progress as you won’t have enough material to finish up the tutorial hence making your game stuck. I don’t know if it is fixed yet or not. If you got this bug. Then you should clear your data and then restart. If you want to play it.

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KING'S KNIGHT (Free (In App Purchase))