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Shoot Like Hell: Swine Vs Zombies Game Review

Shoot Like Hell: Swine Vs Zombies Game Review

There are plenty of game that is being made everyday. One of the most downloaded genre in google play is zombies. Zombie isn’t real. However, we are fascinated by it because of the movie and tv series that we watch. So to satiate your desire to kill some zombies, you can play a game called Shoot like hell : Swine Vs Zombies.


“Welcome to Shoot Like Hell: Swine vs Zombies – The BEST REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER ZOMBIE SHOOTING that you have ever seen!
You will join forces to do Co-op missions and raid Bosses together. Collect and upgrade various weapons systems to deal with stronger Zombies waves after each attack.
You can either work together to save this world, or blame each other and let those zombies lay waste to this planet. Your choice.
Are you ready to stand your ground and fight?

Shoot like hell is a zombie multiplayer shooting game that you can play with your friends. The goal of the game is to shot bunch of different type of zombies to death. Apart from that, you also need to finish up the mission that sometimes emerge from each stages. You can also choose your weapon that you want to use to deal damage to your zombies, a cannon, gatling gun, mortar, and many more.

The game has no real threats like any other game. It doesn’t have a health bar and even if you by chance die because of some boss attack, you will respawn after a certain time. The game is of course fun, however it is not really challenging enough to make you addict to the game.

The graphic is good, the animation is also good but the control is a bit hard to get used to. This game is free to play, but if you want a more powerful weapon, you need to pay them some money to buy it.

Over all, the game is interesting and fun, of course there are some bad aspect to it. Hopefully, the game developer will try to fix the game. Anyway, if you are interested in downloading the game then you could click the link below.

Pros Cons
1. A good game that you can play with your friends real time 1. Not so challenging enough, you might be bored soon
2. Very easy to play and plenty of weapons that you can use to kill zombies 2. A Pay to wins type of games
3. A very fun past time games 3. Control is a bit hard to get use to at first.

App Rating

Shoot Like Hell: Swine vs Zombies (Free (In App Purchase))
VNG Game Studio