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Toy Attack – A Game about Building and Battling Your Own Robot

Toy Attack – A Game about Building and Battling Your Own Robot

Since the age of Gundam, people have been dreaming of making their own robot. The bigger the better and the stronger the greater. However in real time, building a big robots isn’t as easy as it sound. So, here we are trying to find a better game play about robot vs robot. One of the newly made game in google play store is called Toy Attack.


Build, tune and program your own cute combat robot to challenge other players! Easy block-based coding feature lets you set up your A.I.! Watch amazing robot battles!

Assemble and configure a cute and cuddly mechanical gladiator. Set up its artificial intelligence (A.I.) and program your robot using the block-based coding feature – serves as an introduction to coding!

Match your unique robot against the robots of other players in this multiplayer spectator robot combat game featuring realistic robot destruction with a real-time physics engine. The innovative block-based programming system will define your robots strategy in various situations.

For example, you can program your robot to try defend a vulnerable body part when it takes damage or charge forward at a specific moment. Smarter robots tend to win more frequently!

Find increasingly powerful parts and components as your robot battles in the arena. Build the robot of your dreams – or nightmares! Let your creativity run wild!


Toy Attack is a game where you build up your own cute robot and then make it battle to the death in a gladiator style match. If one hasn’t been destroyed the match won’t end. You will win the game if either the core or the head of your opponents is destroyed.

If you win the match, you will be able to get a chest that have a new parts in it. The parts will have their own abilities an unique attack, some will have a nun chuck, some will have a flail, and many others.

You can also add some simple command, like if your health drop by to x% you will do what. It is a simple coding that make your character yours. It is unique and there aren’t that many person use that in the game.

The Robot also have their own skills, however you also need to find it. It is called a chips. There are 2 kind of chips, the if one and the action one. For example, if your robot falls over, you will charge. Which means that your skill chips is charge that will be activated if your character falls over. It is interesting right?!

The game is fun to play and it is free to boot. However it is a bit hard to understand at first.

So are you interested? Well, if you are, click on the link below to download it!

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