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Teon, All Fair Hardcore ARPG – A Game like Diablo

Teon, All Fair Hardcore ARPG – A Game like Diablo

Have you ever played Diablo or Torchlight? Well, if you had then you might love this review. The Diablo and Torchlight game focus itself on ARPG which is Action RPG. Action RPG is a sub genre of RPG games which emphasize itself on real time combat rather than turn based combat or menu combat. It is pretty similar to Hack and slash type of RPG.

Usually, the ARPG game takes in a medieval setting which with a fantasy setting where the character that you play can use sword shield and magic to kill bunch of monster. The game that we will review today is such game. It is called Teon – an All Fair Hardcore ARPG.


Teon, God of Creation, created Edin and all beings. The powerful Giants enslaved the other races but Humans fought back. King Arthur, leader of knights, finally became the master of Edin. With Edin united, the Tower of Babel was built in attempt to reach Heaven. Enraged, Teon imprisoned King Arthur. Chaos ensued, and Humans dropped like flies.

Finally, the brutal King Attila took over the throne and brought terror over the world. The Undead rose and Edin was shrouded in darkness.

Still, the light of justice never faded. Knights, Mages, and Elves fight alongside King Arthur’s descendants to revolt against the anarchy of King Attila. Here begins the fight of Kings and Knights!

Teon is an ARPG game. You can choose different character from Knight, Mages, Monk, and Elves which is a hunter / ranger. Each character has their own merit and demerits, for example knight has a lot of hp, Elves have a night vision, Monk is versatile, and Mages can use magic which is powerful but have a lot of cool down.

The game use the concept of PVP everywhere. You can hit and kill other player character in the field but of course only in the normal field.

The game is a lot like Diablo if you have played them. Even the setting is almost the same. The control itself is pretty easy to understand, however the movement speed is so low, that you will often get frustrated from how slow your character moves. To unlock the full version of the game, you need to subscribe into the game monthly, however if you just wanted to explore, then just play it for free.

(Full version include: New maps and items.)

If you are interested in playing the game, then please click on the link below to download it!

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Teon - All Fair Hardcore ARPG (Free (In App Purchase))