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Beta Gamers – Pocket Legends Adventure Review + Tips and Tricks

Beta Gamers – Pocket Legends Adventure Review + Tips and Tricks

A while ago, we have covered a bit about a beta games. Beta games is a game that is finished and can be played already but may or may not contain some bugs. Usually, the developers allow people to download and play the game but in return the player must give a report about the bugs and some things.

Well, to support the developer, us ( have made a choice to cover a bit about Beta Games that is out in public and can be download in Google Play Store. Right now, the games that we have choose to review is Pocket Legends Adventure.

An epic, action-packed RPG adventure from Spacetime Studios: creators of the world’s biggest and best mobile MMO games.

Featuring an innovative real-time combat system, unique skills-based advancement, endless Character customization, and the finest Co-Op multiplayer in the mobile gaming universe – Pocket Legends Adventures takes your role playing experience to a whole new level!

Download now for FREE! Adventure to Alterra… and become a Legend!

Pocket Legend Adventure is a mini ARPG games that can be played by anyone of all age. The game start automatically after you got through the intro, which is the tutorial.

The game will teach you how to move which is by tapping and holding, attacking, and how to cast a spell to attack your enemies. It is pretty easy to understand and til now the only problem that i have experience is the control that is not sensitive enough. After that, you will be able to choose your race, either Squirel person (Elf), bird person (Avian) and bear person

There are 5  types of weapon that you can choose from: Ninja weapon which is nunchuck, Archer weapon which is bow, Lorekeeper weapons which is an orb, Enchantress weapons which is a staff, and Knight weapons which is a Swords.

Each weapons have their own abilities to attack, for example nunchuck is much faster, bow has a long range, high damage but high cool down, lorekeeper has an area damage, range attack with short cooldown, staff has a long range, area attack and short cooldown, and last Swords that have a balance of attack and speed.

Another thing that i love about these game is the ability to play with your friends and raid a dungeon. You will be able to form a party inside a game and raid a dungeon. There are also pets, spells, and skills that you can upgrade in the game which is awesome.

So? Are you interested in downloading and playing the game? Well, if you are. then click on the link below!

However remember that the game is still in beta phase, so you need to understand that it is not perfect. If you have found a bug. Please support the developer by reporting it. Thank you for listening and have fun.

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Pocket Legends Adventures (Unreleased) (Free (In App Purchase))
Spacetime Studio