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Kahoot! Review – A Fun Way to Learn English!

Kahoot! Review – A Fun Way to Learn English!

English is one of the most used language in the world. If you have learn it, then you will be able to speak in almost all country.

However, learning it is a hassle. There are so many vocabulary that you need to understand, their culture by itself and many more. The best way to learn something new is to have some fun while learning it, which is by playing a game. One of the best education game that can be play by everyone of all age is Kahoot!


Play fun learning games and cool quizzes anywhere and anytime on your own or with your friends. Kahoot! makes learning awesome – and homework, too!

Hey, masters of curiosity! We are Kahoot!, known for our game-based platform that makes learning awesome. Anyone can create games for any subject or topic – it’s simple and fun. Games of Kahoot! (or simply ‘kahoots’) are played in classrooms and other social settings all over the world. Did you know there are 50 million people every month creating, hosting and playing kahoots?

Now, we’ve crafted this free learning app so that you can play Kahoot! after class, too! During lunch, on a school bus, at home – anywhere, really! Find a game in our library, or play one you get from your teachers or friends.

Kahoot is a free learning game that you can play anywhere you wanted. You can play with your friends in the class or anywhere you wanted. In Kahoot, you can also join a live kahoot hosted in your class or your group. There will be a question that will appear on the screen, and you will have to use your phone to answer it.

So? are you interested in downloading thee game? If you are then click on the link below!

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