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Best Parenting Control Apps for Android 2017

Nowadays, technology is a double edge sword. If you don’t understand its used then it might harm your self or your family. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you must banned the all use of technology / internet.

I think , it would certainly be more safe to your child and your family if you can control it. From a location tracking app, educative app and app that can block some of the content that is harmful for your child. Here is some of the apps that you can use:

1. KIDOZ – Discover the best


Discover the best new apps, games & videos for your kids, in a completely safe mode, including a powerful parental control & child lock 

KIDOZ is a must-have Android launcher for families
★ Handpicked videos for babies & preschoolers, updated daily.
★ Learning & educational games for kids (Up to 12)
★ Safe Browser
★ Child lock (Kids launcher)
★ Parental control over content and device functions.
★ Child-friendly camera and photo gallery
★ No in-app purchase for kids!
★ Multiple child accounts
★ Ad blocker

2. Smart Baby


This application help your child to study English words, with it you can educate your child from the start. Have your baby know words from early age. There are more than 64 words in this application with a correct pronunciation from native speaker.

You can also learn the cries of animals too. The design interface is pretty easy to understand. With this app, you can test your mastery of words through the quiz.

3. Family Locator – GPS Tracker


Family Locator simplifies life in the digital world by making it easy to stay connected to the people who matter most. You can do plenty of things with life360, you can create a group called circle with your loved ones, from friends, teams, and whoever that matter the most and chat with them with it for free.

You can also know the location of your circle members on a private maps that is connected to google play. You will also be able to receive a real time alert each time your member arrive at a location or leave a destination. You can also use it to track a stolen or lost phone. Another thing that matter is the feature to cross phone, which enable you to locate both android and ios phone user.

Family Locator - GPS TrackerKIDOZ - Discover the bestParenting Control Apps for AndroidSmart Baby
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