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Rogue Hero – An Unique Old School RPG Game

RPG is one of the most popular genre that is everybody liked. It is also one of the most made game genre now. Anyway, today we will review an old school RPG game called “Rogue Hero”.


Appeared dungeon game play 1000 times!
Terrain of dungeon changes every time! ?
Variety of items, monsters, some of personality dungeon,
Trying to complete!

Rogue hero is an old school rpg game about a hero in a village. Your goal is to save your village from a monster attack. The weird thing is that, you don’t beat the monster black and blue, but you pay them money to keep them out of the village.

It is like bribing them money to keep them out from harming the village. Each time you pay the monster, it will unlock one of the feature in the game, from shops, mixing shop and many other.

The gameplay is very simple. It is a turn based game. Each time you move, attack, use item, the enemies will also move, attack, and use their skills.

Although the game has rouge like elements, it doesn’t have the perma death feature. Each time you die, you will be able to take 5 items from the dungeon. However, each time you go into a dungeon, your lvl and stats will resets, but you will be able to take any items that is in your inventory.

So? Are you interested in playing this game? Well, if you are then please click on the link below to download it! Have a nice day!

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