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Counter Storm: Endless Combat Review – A MOBA Third Person Shooter (TPS) Game

Counter Storm: Endless Combat Review – A MOBA Third Person Shooter (TPS) Game

Because of the hype of MOBA Games like Mobile Legends and AOV ( Arena of Valor) there has been plenty new MOBA games that you can find on Google Play Store. However, it only gives you the same experience as other games and some even plagiarize the other.

Today, we will review another type of android MOBA games called Counter Storm: Endless Combat.


Welcome to the wasteland, a dog-eat-dog world where gunfire, violent, bleeding, fear, despair reign supreme. The old order is long gone, people now have to fight to survive. Recruit battle-hardened mercenaries to fight against opponents and take back what belonged to you. Show no mercy to enemies, survive the battles, and dominate the battlefield in this ruthless post-apocalyptic era!

Counter Storm: Endless battle use the same concept as any MOBA game. You pick a heroes and fight with them in an arena death match. The difference is that, MOBA game usually use fantasy settings likes swords and magic, but in Counter Storm, it uses guns and grenade.

Asides from that, counter storm dev decides not to use level system. The game depends on your skills to win, of course with a bit of money involve in it. Like any other game, you will need to buy the heroes / recruit / mercenary before you can use them, and the mercenary is a bit expensive.

The gameplay is similar to any MOBA game, however the goal is pretty different. In Counter Storm, you will be fighting until the time limit or until your teams or the other team reach a certain kill. You will be scored based on how well you did in the game.

The quality of the game is pretty realistic but it can be a burden for the phone. You can set it in the setting so that you will be able to play it more smoothly.

So? Are you interested in playing? Well, if you are then you could download it in the link below.

Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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