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The Last Step Game Review – A Very Hard Challenging Rogue Like RPG

The Last Step Game Review – A Very Hard Challenging Rogue Like RPG

Do you want to find a really hard game that will definitely take most of your time to finish the game? Well, i got one for you. It is called The Last Step. 



The last step is a survival of stand-alone Rogue like hand tour issued by CHUKONG Technology. The game begins with a doomsday catastrophe and the devil takes control of the world.

As survivors of the mercenary squad, with the call of duty. Is it in the endless cycle of extinction, or three people form into a procession to challenge the unknown dark, changeable environment and powerful monster, and ultimately eradicating demons, saving the world, just a matter of thinking.

American comic style, convenient operation, players can collect, forge, fight and other ways to improve their strength, break the shackles of fate.

The last step is a game that used the concept of rogue like RPG. Which means that if you die, then you will lose all of your progress. The gameplay is actually pretty simple and it got mission to boot, so you definitely got a clear goal to play in the game. However, this game is extremely hard in my opinion.

First of all, the game implemented a hunger system in it. It means if your character didn’t eat after a certain time. It will lose their health and then die. The second is that, this game also use a day and night system.

In the game, you will be moving around in a map. You will see bunch of things in it like trees to get fruit, ore to get stone, and many more. However, the map will only be visible if you can see them which is 6 grid from you.

In Night time, where everything is dark, your visibility is only one grid which mean that it is better for you to sleep of the night, because you don’t want to encounter something nasty in your journey.

Another thing that is super hard about this game is the boss, that is very unreasonable. In chapter one, when you already finished beating the 3 boss and thought that you will finally be able to clear the chapter.

A boss with lvl 15 suddenly appear, and the thing is. This lvl 15 boss can’t be beaten with any person at the same level because of how over powered he is. He has over 400 shield and over 200 health point.

Every time this boss is attacked he will deal some damage to the attacker. The boss also deal damage in area so you won’t even be safe.

Well, if you ask why do i still play this game? I said yes, because i wanted to unlock all of the character and i am so frustrated. I want to at least clear 1 chapter first before deleting this stupid game.

If you wanted to challenge the game, feel free to download it in the link below!

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