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Solitairica Game Review – Bringing Solitaire to A New Level!

Solitairica Game Review – Bringing Solitaire to A New Level!

Solitaire is probably one of the most popular game that is on everybody computer (Windows). It is a simple card game where you stack up your card according to suits (Hearts, Club, Diamond and Spade). The game that we are going to review today is a lil bit different from the usual Solitaire, which is called “Solitairica”


Solitairica takes RPG combat and challenging rogue-like progression to a fresh new place—the world of solitaire!

Gather your weapons and prepare to battle the armies of stuck. In the land of Myriodd, all of the hearts have been stolen by the horrible Emperor Stuck, and you are the latest warrior brave enough to try to return them, saving the world from total heartless destruction!

With the guidance of the great Kismet who will teach you the power of solitaire and the four great energies—attack, defense, agility and willpower—to battle your enemies… You could finally be the one to save the realm.

Each player’s journey will be a unique challenge, with a horde of ever-changing enemies and a wide variety of items and spells to explore. Battle your enemies with brute force, or cleverly constructed builds with devastating combos, and defeat the Armies of Stuck!

Solitairica is a RPG + Solitaire game combine into one. The gameplay is kinda the same but it is not exactly the same as any solitaire game. You will be getting rid of a stack of card by playing a card on higher or lower number, after that the card that you get rid of is now replaced as your playing cards.

So you can do bunch of combos with a single card if you can strategize yourself. Your goal in this game is to kill the enemies in each run. The enemies will do a damage each time you end your turn to discard your cards.

Your win rate will depend on luck, strategy, card numbers and spells. Yep, you heard it right, spell. Each spell can help you clear the level easily. You will be able to heal yourself, defend yourself from the enemies attack, know what cards you will get, and many more.

So? are you interested in playing? Well, if you do then please click on the link below to download and play it.

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Solitairica (Free (In App Purchase))
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