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Fist of Truth – A New Card Tower Defense RPG Games

Fist of Truth – A New Card Tower Defense RPG Games


In Fist of Truth, you can place your cards on your fist and challenge other players within 2 minutes. Over 700 cards provide limitless combinations and strategies. Victory is at your fingertips, punch Hard and punch Smart, nothing is impossible!

Fist of truth is a strategic card tower defense game. You will play with thousand other player online and compete to be in the leader board. The game play is a bit simple.

In each game, you will see a number of health and mana. Your job is to hit your opponents until their health bar hits 0. You can hit them with a set of card that can be use to attack or defense.

The game uses a turn based system, but not the usual turn based system. You and your enemy will deploy a card, and after the end of the turn both will compete your deployed cards together.

Each card will have attack number, defense, and mana cost. Your character will have 2 mana at first, and each time you end your turn you will regen your lost mana and gain +1 maximum mana point. How you use your mana will depend on what strategy that you will use. A combination of attack and defense will also makes you win the game.

Do you want to try this game? Well, if you do, you could click on the link below to download it! Thanks and have a nice day!

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Fist of Truth (Unreleased) (Free (In App Purchase))