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GL Tools – Optimized Your Game Setting so that You can Play on Old Phone

GL Tools – Optimized your Game Setting so that You can Play on Your Old Phone

Have you ever wanted to play a game that your phone can’t even load? or a game with a high specification and your phone is just to old for the game? Well, if you wanted to play the game, you can set your phone to match the game specification by changing some of the setting by using a tools called GL Tools.



GLTools is a custom OpenGLES driver (proxy), that is compatible with any known OpenGLES 2.0-compatible GPU + ARM or x86 processor. If you still don’t understand, what this app is, the closest known analog is Chainfire3D.

In a simple term, GL Tools is an app that will allow you to customize another app resolution, and graphic so that you can optimize the app for gaming purpose. It will allow you to play another game with a higher specs, with a lesser lags, and of course force close. However this app needs tons of trial and error because each setting needs to be tried to get the best result.

Some of the app feature:

– Change resolution and rendering bitness in any app, even if it doesn’t support that by default.
– Change GPU name and enjoy enhanced graphics even on a noname low-end GPU.
– Take full control over textures: now you can decompress/recompress them (even if your GPU doesn’t support that texture format) and resize. Note that decompression feature is available only if you’ll install a plugin (internet is required to do that).
– Optimize shaders on-the-fly for optimal performance (the same optimizer is used in Unity3D engine by default).
– Enable MSAA or CSAA in any app to improve graphics quality (make sure that your GPU supports that).
– Measure gained performance with a nice onscreen FPS counter (or you can output FPS information to Logcat if you are a pro).

However, take a note that this app requires you to root your phone in succession. For more information about what the app can do, you can try this link to discuss what you need to change.

Link  GL TOOLS (XDA) (Free)

If you are interested in this app, try it in the link below. Have a nice day!

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