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Happy Pet Story: Virtual Sim – A Perfect Game for Your Children!

Happy Pet Story: Virtual Sim – A Perfect Game for Your Children!

Being a parents means that you need to protect your child from any harm. This day, with everything on the internet we should protect our younger generation, so that their mind won’t be corrupted. Entertaining them with other things is simple enough, for example giving them a game that is both educative, and fun. One of the game that safe for your kids is Happy Pet Story: Virtual Sim.


✔ CREATE and TAKE CARE of your own virtual pet!
✔ DECORATE your very own home and make your friends envious!
✔ VISIT your friends’ town and interact with players from all over the world!
✔ Step into a happy street full of lively animal neighbors! Meet Whiff, the poker-faced monkey, Albert the cranky wolverine professor, Bubbles who’s a shiny popstar, and Bizkit the ever-hungry sheep!
✔ PLAY mini games and level up! Go fishing, play Rock Paper Scissors, tap along to music rhythms and more! Also, complete your friendly neighbors’ requests for cool rewards!
✔ CHECK OUT the latest fashion at the Furniture Shop, Fashion Store, Salon, Cafe, and much more!

It is a freemium game that you can play with your kids. The game is pretty simple, intuitive and easy to play. Happy Pet Story is a game where you create and take a good care of your own pets. You can customize your pets from the eyes to their clothes. The game also have an unique art style and a vibrant world that is charming and cute.

In this game, you will be given a home. The home can be customize whatever you want, from your house wallpaper to a simple things like furniture. You can do it all. This game is also a multiplayer game, so you can visit your friends virtual house and compare them together. This game can also be played offline with no internet required. It is guaranteed fun for everyone from kids to adults.

So? Are you interested? Well, if you are then you can play it by clicking the link below!

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