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▲ SHAPES Game Review – A Fun and Addictive Brain Teaser

Playing a fun puzzle game not only make your day a lot better but also improve your decision making skill and prevent age related mental disorder. Besides that, you can also improve your concentration and also improve your memory, focus, and energy. One of the most popular puzzle game right now is called Shapes.



In a universe of uncertainty, chaos and confusion, ▲SHAPES emerges as the perfect way to bring harmony and congruence to our world. Through an immersive environment of countless challenging levels, ▲SHAPES will test your skills to establish order into a fragmented reality.

Are you ready to fight disorder? Then you need this shapes game!


Shapes is a brainteaser games that is made by the Infinity Games company. This game will challenge your logical skill and encourage your creativity by assembling the fragmented shards into a holistic image. In fact, in this game, you will be able to use your creative part and your logical part of your brain.

In shapes, you will also enjoy a soothing soundtrack and exciting puzzle. You will also be able to understand your sense, imagination and logic more.

The satisfaction of finishing the image from the puzzle will also gives you a sense of achievement that will further addict you to play the game. Shapes is one of those games that is easier to play at first but grow increasingly difficult after a certain level.

The game play is really simple, just rotate the puzzle pieces to make the shapes. Sometimes you might be frustrated because the shapes won’t rotate as you want. There are also a problem where the game is too sensitive so you will unconsciously touch another shapes and rotate it, but over all the game is really fun to play.

If you are interested in playing, then please click on the link below to download and play it! Thanks.

App Rating : ▲ SHAPES (Free (In App Ads))

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