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GOM SAVER App Review – Get Some Extra Space on Your Phone!

Have you ever been in this situation, where you are trying to download more files or apps but the app says that your memory is full? This must have at least happen once to all smartphone users. The only thing that you can do is either delete or move your files to other location, but what if you don’t want to do that stuff because it is a hassle.

Well, good thing there is an app that can save your day. It is called GOM Saver, a memory storage saving app that is made by the popular video player company Gom.



GOM Saver, built by the video experts at GOM & Company, with the goal to save you memory storage space on your smart phone. Cleaner apps temporarily save a few kilobytes (kb) cleaning cache, but GOM Saver can save you up to gigabytes (Gigs), making a huge impact on your memory storage.

GOM Saver is the first and only app that focuses on saving a lot of memory storage space. No more deleting your apps, videos, photos, etc. when your memory storage is full. With GOM Saver you can keep it all and add more!

Gom Saver is not like any other cleaner apps that cleans temp folder that will, over the time be full again. The app do things permanently and you can keep your re-sized files.

It is because sometimes, our phone is full of stuff from pictures and videos. Gom Saver target those 2 main cause and then use its program to resize those, deleting the original full sized videos or picture and then saving the re-sized files. In short, the best term for GOM Saver is a resizing app that will re-size your image and video to saves some memory.

The app does what the app description said, they would and the quality is almost identical to the original. If you wanted to saves the original files, you can always back up the files on cloud.

If you are interested in downloading and using this app, you could click on the link below to download it.

Have a nice day!

App Rating : GOM Saver - Memory Storage Saver and Optimizer (Free (In App Ads))

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