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Quadropus Rampage – A Great Game with Funny Little Octopus Destroying Everything!

Quadropus Rampage – A Great Game with Funny Little Octopus Destroying Everything!

If you are searching for a pretty fun game to past some time, then you come into the right place. A game that is made by Butterscotch Shenanigans, you know the one that made Crashland and stuff. They has made a good endless mobile game called Quadropus Rampage.


The ocean world has been thrown into disarray and chaos as Pete, the villainous God of the Sea, coerces the oceanly creatures to do his vile bidding. Play as Tack, an enraged 4-legged octopus (a quadropus!) who is tired of Pete’s shenanigans.

In your epic quest to defeat Pete you will dive ever deeper into the salty abyss, slaying hordes of Pete’s minions while discovering mountains of weapons, power ups, and loot.

The game start with a tutorial and some backstory no spoilers. Basically, the game tell you to kill everything or just go to the next floor.

You will be given a racket as a weapon to kill the creatures but as you kill and go down more floors you will be able to gain a much more powerful weapon, oh and you will have a pets that are able to damage, heal you, stun and many more. Blocks, smash, dodge and charge are some of the basics stuff that you need to learn and get used to while playing the game.

It is really fun, until you die and realize that you need to start over, but you will be getting some coins that you can use to upgrade, buy skins, and buy a new pets.

Quadropus is a really addictive game. However, the way your octopus attack is a bit hard to get used to in my opinion. It didn’t attack the way you wanted to at first and you can’t control it without moving your character.

Anyway, a good tip that i will give you guys is that: don’t just tap the dodge button, but hold it, you can dodge much better using that. Also, don’t forget to use the smash and block. Basically, button smash everything until the boss die.

Anyway, thank you for reading, if you are interested in playing, check out the link below and have a good day!

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Quadropus Rampage (Free (In App Purchase))
Butterscotch Shenanigans