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Dungeon Survivor 2 Review – Try to Survive in A Dungeon while Advancing

Since the first RPG games being made, players have been diving into the dungeon, slaying bunch of monster, and keeping all the treasure while descending deeper into it.

Today, we are going to give you one of the most popular dungeon diving game which is Dungeon Survivor 2.


Official sequel of classic popular adventure game Dungeon Survivor.

Dungeon Survivor II – Dark Tide is a simulation and dungeon adventure game.

This time, you will lead your during mission to the no-man’s land, have an unexpected fantasy adventure in the ancient and mysterious continent.

Dungeon survivor 2 is a randomize dungeon RPG game that is updated every day. You will be able to venture out inside the dungeon while with your recruited adventurers.

There are 4 adventure that you can choose to join over your adventure with more than 6 main jobs and more than 50 sub jobs. Some of the jobs are mage, warrior, clergy, stalker, barbarian and many more. Each with their own 3 sets of skills and can equip different type of weapon from dagger, musket, long sword, and many more.

You and your crew will venture out of the wilderness and bring back bunch of items from it. You will however lose a single food each time you move and can replenish it when you camp and cook the food or ration that you find outside.

The monster is randomly generated and while venturing you will trigger a hidden quest that you can solve and get rewards to. The game is really fun to play.

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If you are interested in playing, you could download it in the link below!

App Rating : Dungeon Survivor II (Free (In App Purchase))
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