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Conflict io Game Review – A Player Unknown Battleground Games + MOBA Game Combine

There are tons of .io games in Google Play Store, some of the most popular is the,, and One of the game that we are going to review today is another .io games, but unlike other, it is the combination of the PC games (Player Unknown Battleground) and a Moba game. It is called Conflict io.



Here, you can battle at any time! is an intriguing and adorable gunfight survival battle royale game, with unique scenes and randomly acquired weapons. Each round has a different start! You may go straight for the skill or casually showcase your skills. The small rounds of gunfights allow you to battle as a team at any time!

If you have played any Moba game, then you might see the similarity in this game. If you haven’t, then a gameplay by a youtuber called newbzone will probably give you a hint about what the game is.

Source: youtube (newbzone)

This game is perfect for those that don’t want to play ROS (Rules of survival), Free Fire, or any Player Unknown battleground like games on Android. Most people that play ROS/Free Fire complain about the control, but in everything is easier. You can dodge, shots, and even run on the game while killing the enemies.

Some of the weapon that you can find in the game are:

    1. Shotgun that lets you shots multiple bullets in short range,
    2. Sniper that lets you hits one enemy with long range,
    3. Handgun that has a quick reload time / delay,
    4. SMG that is able to shots multiple bullets in one arc, and
    5. Assault riffle that has a fast shot time.

Each weapon has their own advantages, You can also pick up some grenades and syringe to aid you in the battle royale. If you want to be a silent killer, you will be able to hide yourself below the tree or in the bush and then snipe or kill your enemies with handguns.

The game is really fast paced and can be played anywhere. I hope that plenty of people will play the game, because right now there aren’t that many people that play in the game which makes it less fun.

If you are interested in the game, you could click on the link below to download it! Thanks and have a nice day!

App Rating : Battle Royale Battleground (Free)

Conflict io Game ReviewGunfight Survival Battle Game
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