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Fastest and Stable Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT 9500!

Custom ROM is unofficial phone operating system, much more like Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, or iOS. Installing a new custom ROM can get you more android features and update. However that doesn’t means that getting lots of update is a good thing. If your phone specification is too low for the feature and updates, then your phone will lag a lot.

That is the same with Samsung Galaxy S4 GT 9500, it is an outdated phone, but there are still plenty of people that use the phone. Some might want the newest update for Samsung galaxy GT 9500, but for those that want a fast custom ROM then you can check some of the list here.

All of the list come from XDA Developers.

1. Halcyon Rom


Halcyon Rom is one of the best stable custom ROM for Samsung GT s4 i9500. The main feature is:

  • Many Patches to Android Core
  • Init.d Support
  • Performance tweaks
  • Battery tweaks
  • RAM tweaks
  • … and many more

Things that i love about the ROM: the UI is very beautiful, and if you install the custom ROM, you will get a faster, battery friendly and ultra stable. If you want to use the custom ROM without any problem and clean install this ROM.

More information : XDA DEV




The main feature is:

  • Rom is based on XXUHOL1 firmware
  • Pre-Rooted
  • Debloated
  • Deknoxed
  • Stable and super fast
  • Lag Free
  • High Performance
  • …and many more

What i Love: this ROM is one of the old update for samsung galaxy s4. The ROM has no bugs, and it can make your phone battery life better, it also has a faster charging time + your phone will be smoother and faster in no time. However, don’t open to many app as it will lead to over crashing..

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More Information : XDA DEV


3. First Flight


Some of the main feature of this custom ROM are:

  • Pre-Rooted
  • Debloated
  • Deidexed
  • Busy Box
  • Some of the S7 app
  • …and many more

What i love about this custom ROM: it is more of a update for your theme and firmware, but it is pretty fast and stable too. The theme is very pretty and there hasn’t been any problem in this custom ROM except the picture location tagging feature that will crash when turned on.

More Information : XDA DEV

Fastest and Stable Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4First Flight Custom ROMHalcyon RomTYAGI ROM
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