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Until Dead Game Review – A thrilling Horror Puzzle Game




Until Dead is a puzzle game with turn-based mechanics and tactical combat. In this game, you control John Mur, an adventurous detective, and explorer that by your skills can survive in a chaotic world that for some reason transformed big part of humanity on zombies. Helps John Mur to find clues and join on a big adventure looking for answers for reveal this mystery. But, take care! It’s better to think to survive.
– Logical mechanics from tabletop games adapted for an innovative mobile experience.
– Simultaneous turns for a dynamic gameplay experience.
– Collect clues and open paths for more challenges.
– Create your puzzles in Creation Mode and share with all players around the world.

Until Dead is a fun Puzzle game that makes you think in every action that you will take. As the description said, the goal of this game to help John Mur to find the clues in the mystery (Why the people of the world transformed into zombies).

You will need to fend of yourself with a knife and a gun while exploring and finding the clue, but be careful. You will need to sneak attack all zombies to kill them. If you are facing them front to front, then you will definitely lose with their super human strength.

Complete the mission in a hardcore mode to challenge yourself. Immerse yourself in the story and find out the secret. If you are interested in playing. Then find it out in the link below.

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