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Dungeon Cards Game Review – A Casual Game for Casual Gamers

Trying to find a fun and challenging game for your android phone is a challenge itself. You won’t know it is a good game or not based only the game description. It is like a gamble.

Well, for most of the part, if you are a casual gamers, searching for a fun simple game that can be use to pass some times.¬†Dungeon Cards¬†is one of the games that you can play whenever you want and you don’t need to grind for anything at all. It is also one of those endless type game.

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Dungeon Cards is one of those rogue like game where you play til death, but in this game you won’t be exploring the dungeons. You will just play in a field of nine cards. You have to win by clashing your cards with the others to either move it. There will be potion card / health card that will heal you if you are hurts, enemies cards for you to beat, weapon cards, wand cards to use spells, and gold card for you to upgrade your character.

The games goal is to use your character and to survive as long as you can. Achieving the highest score, going up to the next dungeon and to unlock a different upgrades from new heroes, spells, and more feature. In the game, you will be able to use:

  • Knight which balance in every aspect, high health.
  • Mage which magic can have some advantages, magic won’t damages coins and other goods.
  • Viking with his powerful attack, weapon will do area damages.
  • Rogue that can use poison to your liking, poison won’t affect you but buff you.
  • Vampire that can teleport and sucks some health.
  • Thief that can use bow, activate traps and so on, and
  • The joke character Mr Cactus, that will damage the enemies every turn if your health is below 5.

Use every single advantages of your jobs to survive the game and to simply have some fun. This game use the concept of getting stronger in each lost. So don’t be discourage, upgrades your spells and heroes to survive longer in the game.

Well, If you are interested in the game, you could click on the links below to download it!

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