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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Guide to Play Kuro Mujou, The Grim Reaper

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Guide to Play Kuro Mujou, The Grim Reaper

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Kuro Mujou.

Kuro Mujou is a samurai type shikigami. He is a hard hitter that can kill anything in the early game because of his passive and huge HP regeneration skill. He is one of the shikigami that you need to keep in check in the early game because of his destructiveness in the early game.

Kuro Mujou will win as long as your team doesn’t feed the other and play safe. He won’t be that much of a use in late game where everybody is group up. He is very hard to play and but can be really fun depending on your team cooperation, but remember not to feed yourself because it will be your fault if you lose.

(FYI, for me, this hero is much more harder to use than Inugami, because Inugami can go around soloing and can do good in the late game)

His skill sets are:

Game Preparation


1. Mikazuki (Main Item)
I have tried plenty of item for kuro mujou but mikazuki is the best starting item.
It is because of its +600 HP, CD reduction and lastly penetration.
Its added passives that makes the users gain att and movement speed is also good for starting item.
2. Wind walker  (Main Movement speed item)
Kuro Mujou needs to be around more battle in early game to built up exp and gold.
Which is why wind walker is pretty good, but you can change it to Hagakure Boots at late game.
3. Grass Cutting Sword (Main burst damage item)
Grass Cutting sword is most likely picked for its CD, +HP and attack speed.
It will also increase your attack each time you use a skill or abilities
making you one heck of a damage dealer in the early game.
4. Eye of Orochi (Added Burst damage item)
Eye of Orochi is useful for laning, while also gaining some life steal in the process.
Its added 100% attack are so good at aoe. Making Kuro Mujou harder to be killed.

For the 5th item, i recommend you to use another life steal item called Bonerotter, enabling you to tank more damage while being able to get more life steal damage. The 6th item is a bit tricky, and depending on your enemies you should consider buying, Juzumaru (For tank), Greater Devourer Ball (For Mage), and lastly Raja Warhammer (For Crowd Crontrol).


For Onmyodo, you might want to get the added Attack Damage because you will be running around the map in the early game and that bonus attack damage will be very good. Armor for more durability, and lastly Movement Speed to run around the map.

Shatter can be useful for your ultimate. Feather Sigil for late game, because your damage will improve in each kill plus the Panther Maul is for the burst damage in the early game. I don’t recommend you to change panther maul for sorcery star because you will want to burst damage your enemies with Kuro Mujou.

Skill Combination

Because Kuro Mujou is a samurai excelling in killing and ganking the enemies i suggest you to take:
First Skill for laning, Third Skill for HP Regen, Second Skill for Crowd Control and distribute between first and third skill. Take ultimate whenver you can.

Kuro Mujou is a good early game samurai, which excel in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 fight in either top or bot lane because of his passives skill. His Passives will makes his basic attack deal more damage each time you hit the enemies shikigami 4 times with either basic attacks or skills making him one of the worst enemies you deal in early game.

If you are soloing in the top lane, i suggest you to take pace / flash with heal. Hit the enemies 4 times if you can by using either your skill and basic attack. The combo is First skill > Second Skill > Third skill > Attack > Attack > Third Skill > ultimate (If the enemies health is only one or two bar) Basically third skill regen is used whenever it is available.

If by chance you are in the bottom lane with 1 other people. Try to pick up your second skill first than your regen, because with it you will be able to stun and let your partner hit them for a while. by doing so, you will be able to poke the enemies team making them back away. However, remember to always see the map and try to see where the enemies jungler are, because you might not know that the enemies is near you.

Kuro Mujou skill is centered around his regen and ultimate. Your regen with a full cooldown reduction will only have 2s cooldown which makes it spamable whenever you want to. Another tips that you need to know is that when you attack, and if you press the regen skill (Third skill) The attack delay will resets, making you able to do twice damage with a life steal. So remember that.

His ultimate is one of the best thing ever, if you find an enemy shikigami that is defending the tower while having a low health. Use your ultimate, go in for a sec and go out.

See the video, in the late game, you won’t contribute much at all, especially if your enemies are grouping up, but you can kill an enemies marksman if you hide under the bush, which is why, i recommend you to go hide under the enemies team jungle if you can. Just remember to know your limits. If it is only one shikigami then go in, if they have a bunch grouping up. Run!!

So, there you have it. A good tips and tricks for you to use Kuro Mujou, For other heroes guide you can click

“Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks : Guide for Most Heroes!”

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