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Onymoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Kyonshi Imoto, The Burst Damage Jiangshi

Onymoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Kyonshi Imoto, The Burst Damage Jiangshi

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Kyonshi Imoto.

Kyonshi imoto is one of a kind Mage type Assassin shikigami. Which mean that she will gets more powerful by buying a Mage items that can improve his basic ability power. Some of the item that you will be using are Mandala sutra, Chiyo Sword, or even a Eight Trigrams to increase your overall skill damage. Kyonshi imoto is a burst damage assassin meaning that she will depend on her skill more than attack damage, which makes her very tricky to use, and depending on how you use her. She will change the game flow and lead your team to victory.

Her skill sets are : (Skill Passive, Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill 3, Ultimate)

Game Preparation


1. Mandala Sutra (Main MP Regeneration and CD reduction Item)
You see kyonshi imoto is a mage type assassin, which makes it perfect for her to use this.
By using mandala sutra, you can spam your second skill more while not depleting any of your damage.
However, in the late game, if you want to have more damage. You might want to change this item for another
2. Demonic Boots  (Main Movement Item)
Demonic boots is useful for its Magic Penetration.
Mainly because this item is for roaming, but the added Magic penetration will make Kyonshi imoto
Deal more damage.
3. Izanami’s Scepter (Main Burst damage item)
This will make her second skill deal massive damage.
If you had buy this item, you can start playing more aggressive.
4. Tale of Izumo (Main Damage Dealer item)
This item is useful if you want to killing more people.
It added more damage to Kyonshi imoto.
Samurai can now be kill if you have bought this item.
5 / 6
Eight Trigram / Chiyo Sword
(You can buy it in order depending on your preference)
    Eight Trigram : Can deal more damage to the enemies, You can also kill some tank in the process
Chiyo Sword : Can heal you. Sustain you in the battle, and can be a life savior at some time.


For onmyodo, i recommend you to use this sets. Ability power and Magic Penetration to deal more damage in the early game. Movement speed so that you can roam around while killing the enemies and last cool down reduction to use more spell in the early game. Shadow hunt because you will be on the bush most of the time while praying for the enemies. Feather sigil is for the late game so that you will have more damage and lastly Panther maul is for that burst damge.

Skill Combination

Because Kyonshi Imoto is a burst type Assassin with a Mage item, i recommend you to take :
Skill 2 (Doggy) first, Skill 1 (Passives), and Skill 3 (I can jump). You can either distribute skill 2 or skill 1, but if you want to have a max damage, increase skill 2 first. Skill 1 next. Take ultimate whenever available.

Kyonshi imoto is a burst type Assassin with a mage item, which means that she can deal plenty of damage, but all of her attacks will depends on her skill indefinitely. Sadly though you will also needs item to boost her damage like her 3rd item Izanami’s Scepter. Anyway, the reason as to why this character has a high difficulty is because of her Passives skills. It is a double edge swords.

Basically, She has 2 passives, the first one is the ability to jump and damage others every time you use a skill. while the second one is to give the opponents hex. The second passive is very useful, so level up fast and get them as soon as you can. While the first passive is a double edge sword. While indeed she can deal and stack a good damage with her skill there is a bit drawback. You can’t change the direction of the jump, if by some chance you jumped wrong. You won’t be able to do much, and most of all. Because she is an close range assassin she will need to be near the enemies all the time to deal more damage, but because of her mage built she won’t be having that HP to sustain the damage, making her one of the most paper thin assassin in the game. BUT! It doesn’t mean that she is useless, in fact she is not. She wins in term of burst damage, stun and running.

You see, if she had buy the 3rd item, izanami scepter. Then she can start killing the enemies by ambushing them in the bush. Wait in the bush and then use your ultimate to kill them in the matter of second. If you can, please don’t use your 3rd skill whenever you want to. Because it is your only running skill from the crowd. You can however go inside at first, in the mean time. Your cool down will usually be reset, if you had a 40% CD reduction.

In the early game, you will usually poke your enemies with your first skill. However if you can time your skill 2 perfectly, you can activate your passives. Your passive will activate each time your skill hits an enemies, which include the Jump Passives. Your second skill will do 3 abilities hit if you include the jump. The first time is when your dogs go, you will jump, and then when your dogs go back you will then jump the second time, if you can time it properly you will definitely activate your passives and then stun the enemies while dealing a huge burst damage.

Your ultimate is the best, With it you can damage, while jumping. So get close to your enemies. Just remember to be careful so that you won’t die early. Anyway, here is the guide for Kyonshi Imoto. I hope that you guys will be fine with it and hopefully it had answer some of your question regarding the shikigami.

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If you had anymore question and if you want to let us know who else do you want us to make a guide for then i recommend you to comment in the link below. Thank you. Have a nice day!