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3 Best App Locker Apps to Give You Some Privacy!

Best App Locker Apps to Give You Some Privacy!

Have you ever been in this situation? You are lending your phone to your friends or family, but then you regret instantly because you don’t know what they might do with it. Are they opening up your game? Well that is okay, or are they searching through your browser? Or worse, are they opening up your gallery?

Well, that won’t happen if you had an app locker that can be use to lock your apps. So, today we will give you some of the best app locker that is available to download in the Google Play Store.

1. App Locker | AppLock with Fingerprint

Source: google play


App locker is the best app to protect your privacy. It comes with free fingerprint support that you can use to unlock the app. You can keep your privacy by locking apps like facebook, WhatsApps, Gallery or even anything that you want.

If you want a personal security, then this is the best that you can get, with it you can lock your apps with a secure but easy to unlock pattern. It is the lightest applock on google play that don’t consume any ram, battery and other system resource. It is totally free.

2. AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock

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CM App Lock is an app lock that is designed by the cheetah mobile. Of course like App locker above, it got a fingerprint sensor that can unlock any android 6.0 devices easily. However unlike AppLocker, CM app lock can snap the snooper that tried to unlock your app.

You will be able to know who unlock it. It also has a free customize mode that you can use to customize your lock screen and stuff. It is definitely one of the best and i recommend you to use it. if you don’t like the app locker.

3. Lockit

Source: google play


If you want to protect your privacy from your lover that always checks your messages, call logs or whatsapp, or even your private videos and photos. Then Lockit is the app for you.

Lockit provide the overall protection from Application locker, Photo and videos hider, Intruder selfie, Customizeable theme, a Fake Cover, a fingerprint lock and a safety reminder for more protection. The app use minimum system resource and ram making it one of the best app locker that is available to download.