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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Kyuumei Neko, not Your Typical House Cat

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Kyuumei Neko, Not Your Typical House Cat

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Kyuumei Neko.

Kyuumei Neko is a ninja type shikigami that excel in burst damaging the enemies marksman, mage and any other low health shikigami. She is a very fast, very annoying and most importantly a 2 health cat that can revive.

However, she is very hard to play, especially if you don’t get fat in the early game. Which means that most of your time will be jungling and farming. She is not suited for beginner, but don’t worry, she is easy to learn as long as you follow some of this guide.

Game Preparation:


1. Blank lance (Main Jungling Item)
Most importantly get this item for jungling. As Kyuumei Neko is one of the already fast attacker.
She don’t need the added attack speed. She will only need the added attack.
It is also one of the main item for Kyumei Neko in the early game.
However, you can then sell it for Eye of Orochi or anything with the added damage in the late game.
2. Wind walker  (Main roaming item)
As any other jungler, Wind walker is the best item for you.
Especially on Kyuumei Neko. She is a Jungler that needs her item to deal damage.
Get wind walker to ensure her farming and jungling ability.
This item is also useful to outrun any attacker.
3. Otento (Main  item)
This is your main damage dealing item. Kyuumei neko is a crit hit monster.
Added with otento passive to give her more damage each time she hit critical.
She will be one unstopable monster.
4. Red Mark Katar (Life Stealing item)
Red mark katar is one of the best item to give you life steal.
it is cheap. Easy to make. Plus it does it wonders.
A low life steal is better than no lifesteal at all.
Change it to Onimaru in the late game
5.Grass Cutting Sword (Good item)
I use this item to max Kyuumei Neko damage. Each time you use a skill. Her damage will went up.
Added with her sure critical hit Passive, she will deal more damage to her enemies.
This item also ensure her survive ability because of the added HP and added cooldown reduction.
Able ing her to use most of her skill to run.
6. Mikazuki (Good item)
Mikazuki is useful for Kyuumei Neko for her penetration. This item can be change with Tsurumaru of course.
But i don’t recommend it because with this item, she will gain more health and it can max her CD Reduction.
It will in short increase her durability and survive ability in the late game.


For Onmyodo, i recommend you to take this set of item. She is a critical hit monster, which means her crit damage should be up. Movement speed to outrun and chase any enemies while armor penetration is to give her more damage.

Shadow hunt is to give her more damage each time she ambush her enemies, while Feather Sigil is to give her added damage in the late game. Sorcery Star is to give her more damage in each combination. Plus her combo will max her sorcery star, (1 from pounce, 2 from basic attack passive, 3 from her second skill). Added with her increase attack speed from ultimate, she will be able to max it faster than any shikigami)

Skill Combination

Because Kyuumei Neko is a Ninja type burst damage shikigami i recommend you to take:
Second skill (Cat scratch), third skill (Cat pounce), First skill (Cats can’t die). Max out second skill first and the first skill next after that your third skill. Take ultimate whenever you can.

Kyumei Neko is one of the most annoying shikigami in the world. She is a hard hitter, a fast runner, and most importantly can’t die. Like literally, she can revive. But, she needs to get fat in the early game, and most importantly get her most important item which is Otento.

She is a burst damage shikigami that comes from her Critical damage, which means that each time she gets critical. She will deal a tons of damage to her enemies, by using otento she will be able to deal tons damage each time she makes a critical hit. Apart from all, her passives skill can make her deal double critical damage to her enemies, able-ing her to kill her enemies in seconds + giving her more critical rate.

Like i said in the early, she will needs tons of experience, and money in the early game to make her fat. Which means that most of her time will be spent in the jungle and farming. While jungling, remember to scan the area and your allies lane, to see if your allies needs help.

Maximizing her second skill first will makes her clean up the jungle faster, because of its low cooldown. Her third skill can makes her go to one jungle monster to the other faster, so take that after the second skill and then your first skill passives will makes her critical rate went up and if you are able to deal critical hit 5 times. You will be able to gain more movement speed, more attack speed and most importantly, immunity to death for as long as 4 of your cute little fishy is lit.

You see, depending on your death immunity, you can of course go around and be as reckless as you want to, but it is such a waste to waste your revive like that. So, only go in if you can either: kill an enemies, or help your allies, because in the end you will be able to get back up again.

The thing is however, never go in a fight in front. Go around and kill the enemies back laner. Try to time yourself for the right time (usually 5-10 second after the fight started) where the enemies back liner will target the your allies tank. Then it is your job to surprise them and kill them.

After that, depending on your health, try to help them or just run away. In late game, your job is to push the tower. Just try to run if you can’t deal with your attacker, but if you can, ambush and kill them.

If you are on the losing team. Try to get your help your team if you had your revival. However if you don’t, then never engage the enemies like ever. Just farm, jungle and push tower. Because Kyumei Neko has one of the highest movement speed on the game.

She is most likely able to outrun any enemies that try to gang her. Try to gain the momentum, and let your team farm while you are being the bait for your enemies. Don’t forget, you will need to be careful, try to talk to your team to just farm and don’t die much.

So there you have it. A good guide about  Kyuumei Neko, for other heroes guide you can click:

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