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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Guide to Play Aoandon, The Mage Type Marksman

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Guide to Play Aoandon, The Mage Type Marksman

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Aoandon.

Aoandon is a mage type shikigami. Rather than the usual mage shikigami that use skill to target and attacks other, she excel in basic attacks. It is because of her passives that enables her to attack using her magic power, making her one of the mage type marksman. It is also useful because most of her skills is about de buffing and stunning the enemies, making her pretty useful in a team fight added with her high damage.

She is one of the most fearful mage type attacker available. She is a very good damage dealer, and a good support. She is one of the useful shikigami that can be use by beginner.

Game Preparation


1. Shichimen Tennyo  (Main Item)
Although mandala sutra is also useful for Aoandon. Aoandon doesn’t really need it.
It is because most of her damage comes from her basic attacks.
She doesn’t need mp regen too as she can steal the enemies MP.
This item will give her HP, MP, and Magic Power.
2. Demonic boots  (Main roaming item)
While boots of purity is useful for Aoandon.
Demonic boots can boost her damage while giving him more roaming ability.
3. Heaven Thunder (Main  item)
You know, because she excel in basic attacking unlike other mage
attack speed is useful for her, with 3 attacks, she will deal more damage.
Easily killing her enemies and giving them a hard time, and giving you more farming ability.
4. Tale Of Izumo (Damage dealing item)
This is your main damage dealing item. With this you will be able to deal more damage.
Not much can be said about this item.
5.Marsh Moon (Good item)
Marsh moon is useful for annoyance actually, and making sure that your ultimate will stun.
It is a good item for slowing down each time you deal magic damage.
Of course, her basic attack will deal magic damage, making sure this item can slow down any enemies all the time.
6. Chiyo Swords (Good item)
Chiyo swords is a good way to increase your survive ability.
It is a good item that you can use to life steal each time you do magic damage.


For onmyodo, i recommend you to take magic penetration because of her magic basic attack, movement speed to roam especially in the mid game, cooldown reduction because most of her items don’t give her any cd reduction.

Mortality to give the enemies more damage in the early game, fox blaze for more durability in the late game since she can support and the purgatory to deal more damage over time in the early game.

Skill Combination

Aoandon is a mage type shikigami because of that i recommend you to take:
Skill 2 (Wall of slowness) first, Skill 1 (Expelliarmus) second, and Skill 3 (MP Steal) next. After that, max the skill 1 first. Skill 2 and 3 can be distribute equally but if you want to, max skill 2 next and then take ultimate whenever available.

You see, rather than being a mage, i generally think that she is a great marksman. It is because of her high basic attack. Her passives enables her to deal more damage as a magic attack, this is pretty useful especially in the early game, because most tanks usually makes  armor type item rather than magic resist. Excelling hers damage, than any other marksman in the early game.

Her de buffs, slowing downs the enemies, added with her ultimate stuns is pretty useful for killing, chasing, and running away when you are ganked or ambushed by the enemies. Flash is also a useful addition to run away, never chase the enemies by using flash, unless you are really sure that you can get away from the enemies.

She is useful in which ever lane she is on. In mid, you will need to roam around to up and bottom depending on the condition. After finishing up the lane (Creep farming) scan around the area and see who needs help. Usually, the bottom lane. It is because the bottom lane got both support and marksman. Helping them get fat by killing the enemies shikigami will give them more money, even helping them poking the enemies might get them far ahead than the enemies shikigami.

In the bot or top lane, your goal is to annoy the heck out of enemies. Spam your 3rd and 2nd skill whenever you can to the back of the line, simply to slow them and deal damage. Your third skill mana gain is useful to locate a hidden enemies. Spam it in the bush, if your mp is up. Then you know that someone is hiding there. Simply play it safe, and try to be smart.

She is especially useful in ganking. Use her second skill to slow them down, use it infront of where the enemies will be going, because it will slow them down twice, added with her ultimate that will damage them and if they are in the circle for some times, it will stun them, making her one of the best damage dealer in the game.

However, as she is a mage, she has a low health which makes you as a player, can’t play her that aggressive. She is more useful in the back lane in the late game where she can spam most of her debuff skill while basic attack the enemies.

She is a fun heroes to play, and pretty annoying enemy to boot. However, she needs to play smart, know when to go in, and know when to roam.

So there you have it, a good guide about  Aoandon, for other heroes guide you can click:

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Who else do you want to see. Please comment and share if you like!