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I am Innocent Game Review – A Thrilling Horror Game!

I am Innocent Game Review – A Thrilling Horror Game!

Since the release of horror game like Simulacra, and Sara is missing, there have been a major demand for another thrilling horror game. Since the idea of horror in a phone is a little bit out of the box, there hasn’t been much that actually pick up the project. However that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any good horror game in the Play Store, there is one and it is called I am Innocent.

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I am Innocent is an original detective game with puzzle elements. Use realistic in-game phone calls, a messenger, computer hacking, photographs, and documents to investigate a series of murders with teenage victims. The killings are somehow connected to the disappearance of your sister many years ago.

The game’s many characters, with their complex personalities and skeletons in the closet, plus its ethical dilemmas and emotional scenes create a realistic atmosphere and weave an involved, mysterious story that’ll keep you engrossed to the very end.

Likewise the story is about you being a normal person, getting chosen by some strangers for some reason to determine the fate of a kidnapped person. You will be using everything from internet hacking, chatting with some one, and many other depending on the term and condition.

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According in the story, the case related to your missing sister a few years before, and you are intrigued to find out the truth. The game isn’t all about finding out the truth, but you will also be playing a mini puzzle game to uncover the next secret. The game is repetitive, so it can be a little bit boring.

I think the story and how it is written and delivered are very interesting. Leaving you wanting more and more!

So if you are interested in playing the game. You can download it in the link below.

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