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Space Pioneer Review – Shoot, Build and Complete Your Mission!

Space Pioneer Review – Shoot, Build and Complete Your Mission!

There are infinite possibility in this game. Mainly because we don’t know what to expect in space. Is there another life forms? If so what are they doing now? Are they building their own colonies? Are they planning to attack us?

So many things that can be thought from space, which is why it is one of the most popular game themes. One of the most popular space themes game that is available for free in google app, is Space Pioneer.


Lock and load! Explore the galaxy as an intergalactic alien shooter in the newest of RPG adventure games. Discover new planets, chart interstellar worlds and exterminate any aliens that stand in your way with the latest weapons and gear in this new top-down shooter and action RPG by Vivid Games.

Space pioneer is a game where space exploration and battle strategy game combine into one game. Your objectives is to explore the world and advance through the space with your robots. Of course, while you are at it, you will need to built your own colonies. There are tons of interesting planets to explore from Red Mars, Icy Tundra, and jungles with aliens that you can kill.

The game play is very easy to understand. It is a fast shooting action game, that make use of your reflexes and tactics. You can also build some sentry that you can place across the maps to help you finish your objectives. You could also upgrades your weapons and skill. Each time you finish a stage, you will earn loot that you can use to upgrade the weapons and gear including the gun turrets, rifles and mines.

This game also have a boss battle after some stages, which makes it more interesting. The objectives of the games are also challenging to play. Besides, there are also 3 difficulty that you can choose from, normal, hard, and hell, if the objectives is too easy for you. Of course, the rewards for each difficulty differs from the other.

Asides from that all, you can also upgrade your home base that can be use to further enhance your power, your robots, and earns more money.

If you are interested in playing, click on the link below to download it, it is free! So, try it!