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Mobile Legend Heroes that Still Needs A Rework After All this Time!

There are a lot of heroes in Mobile Legend, mainly because it is being updated once every 2 weeks. However because of the updated heroes, the former Mobile Legend heroes lost its worth. Although the developer did put much effort in reworking the former heroes like Minotaur, Nana, and Rafaela, but there are still so many heroes that needs a rework. So, here are some of the list of mobile legend heroes rework candidate.

1. Zilong

Zilong is one of the most annoying heroes in Mobile Legend. Well, at least he used to be. It is because of his ultimate. His past ultimate, before his nerfs, enabling him to be immune by any crowd control (Stun, slow etc) making him one of the best pusher that is taken and sometime banned from being in the ranked game.

Because of his nerfs, he is one of the most useless heroes now. He doens’t have the advantage of pushing anymore, in a team fight he doesn’t do that much, since all of his skills are single target that needed him to dive in the middle of the fight, and if he is stunned, he will die for sure. Which is why he is the number 1 candidate for reworking.

2. Tigreal

Tigreal, is…. never good… in my opinion, because if you are force to pick between Minotaur, Panda, and Tigreal. Of course, you will pick the first two, especially since the Minotaur rework. He doesn’t have the mobility¬†of Johnson, and the tankinest of Hylos, or even the damage of Grock.

He only has his ultimate that if interrupted while channeling will have its cool down activated. If you don’t agree with him being the second hero that needs to be reworked? Try picking him up in the rank mode.

3. Argus

Argus is one of the least picked heroes in mobile legend. It used to be deadly because most people don’t know how to deal with him at first. However, after knowing that when Argus is on the angel mode and you only need to run away from him to disable his life steal attack, he become one of the least picked heroes.

Most of the time, if you picked him, you will be teased and bullied by your team mates like a lot, which is why he is on the list.

4. Freya

Freya is the premium hero in the game. You will need to top up into the game to get her. However, for a premium hero she didn’t have that much abilities to back her up. She is one of the least pick fighter asides from Argus, and Zilong.

Like argus, you just need to run away for awhile if her ultimate lit up and then ganked her to kill her. She is an item oriented heroes, you need a full set item on her before she is useful at all. However, even if she has a full sets item, she will still be useless because most of the enemies will also have a full sets item rendering her useless throughout every match, which is why he is on the list.

Do you agree with this list? If not, try telling us why by commenting down below. Thanks and have a nice day!

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