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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Guide How to Play as Youko, The Wind Blade Thrower

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Guide How to Play as Youko, The Wind Blade Thrower

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena, today we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Youko.

Youko is a Marksman type heroes that is not suited for beginner. I said that because of the skill usage that needs to be re-think before using. Most beginner tends to throw their skill in battles, but with Youko, you need to collect his passive first before using his ultimate by using your second and third skill. If you want a more complex Marksman to use, then Youko is your guy.

His skill sets are:

Game Preparation


1. Red Mark Katar (Main Life steal item Item)
.Red mark katar is a cheap way to get some lifesteal. It is only 740 gold, so get it as soon as you can.
Youko passives enables him to get 3 lifesteal at the same time, so getting this item is useful.
After some time, change it to onimaru to gain more lifesteal and attack.
2. Hagakure Boots  (Main defense Items)
Rather than the usual item for roaming like wind walker, i suggest you to buy Hagakure boots
Because youko already have a skill that enable him to run away from his enemies.
the abilities to tank some damage in the early game is useful for him.
which is why i recommend hagakure boots
3. Juzumaru (Damage Item)
Juzumaru is one of the best item to kill tank, mainly because of its passives.
It will make youko basic attacks deal 4% of the enemies shikigami current health
This is useful especially if you are up with a samurai or tank. If not, buy otenta first
4. Otenta (Main Damage item)
Otenta is a very important item for any marksman mainly because it is one of the best damage dealing item.
But for youko this item is indispensable, his passives allow him to deal damage that can jump between enemies
if this item is used, and every attack crit, it will deal a massive damage in one go to bunch of enemies.
5. Grass Cutting Swords (Good item)
Youko will needs to spam his skill to gain more orbs, which is why he needs an item that can reduce his cooldown.
Added with the passive of grass cutting swords, Youko will be able to deal massive damage to any paper thin
shikigami. Of course the attack speed synergy with the item juzumaru and the added movement speed makes
Youko hard to catch.
6. Tsurumaru (Damage item)
After everything, tsurumaru is your item that can make you deal massive damage to anyone, including tank
This item will give you armor penetration which is pretty annoying in the late game
Which is why this is the last item for youko.


For onmyodo, i recommend you to use Attack Damage to harass enemies in the early game, Movement Speed to run whenever needed, Armor Penetration to kill tanky samurai or tank in the early game, Cooldown Reduction because his second skill needs to be spam.

Shatter to increase more damage on enemies shikigami and take the kill, Feather Sigil to gain more power in each kill, and Sorcery Star because he will be hitting the enemies with his skill + his ultimate can max out the sorcery star passives in one go (SSR one).

Skill Combination

Youko is a skill type marksman, which is why i recommend you to take:
Second skill (Wind blade) first, First skill passive (3 hit kamaitachi) and third skill (Can’t touch this). Max out your second skill first, first skill next and third skill last. Take ultimate whenever available.

Youko is an early type marksman that utilize his skills to damage the enemies even in early game. He is one marksman that can kill in the early game, mainly because of his long range second skill and low cooldown.

He also has a skill that enables him to run away, added with his 3rd skill and flash you can definitely get out of any sticky situation. But the thing which makes him very complicated to use is his ultimate. His ultimate enables you to deal massive damage in a line, you can move around during that time but you can only target the front during that time.

The thing is, the ultimate depends on how many stack of blue orbs that you can get during the time. Each time you use another skill besides ultimate, you will gain one stack of blue orb, except for his second skill (If second skill hit an enemy heroes, he will gain 2 orbs).

Now, for the ultimate, The ultimate is actually base on your orbs, so there are 4 types of ultimate that you can use, normal, rare, super rare, and super super rare. Now, If you have 1 or 2 orbs, you will be able to use normal and rare at small chance, 3 to 4 will give you little chance of normal, a good chance of rare and a little chance of super rare. while 5 orbs will give you a small chance of rare, a good chance of super rare and a small chance of super super rare.

Youko excel in harassing his enemies in the early game, use your second skill and target the enemies, any enemies even tank or samurai in your lane. It is because in early game, they won’t be able to tank that much damage, also your range is much higher than any other skill in making you yourself one of the most annoying damage dealer in the game.

Use the bushes to your advantages and harass them whenever you can. Don’t hesitate to use your heal or whatever whenever you are low on health and use your third skill and your flash to run away if you are ganked by the enemies.

The strategy to play as Youko is very simple, go to the corner or inside the bush and use your skill and attack there. If you are ganked, forget about everything and run away. Simply put it, a cowardly tactic that utilize his movement speed, long ranged skill, and most importantly everything around him to simply harass and annoy the enemies.

In the late game, you can use your basic attack more now rather than your skill, but keep spamming your second skill to get your orbs.

In a team fight, get in the back of the lane or in the middle depending on your opponents line up. Just try to be careful, if you are ganked by the assassin, like always run away and use flash. Don’t worry about the opponents.

After you aren’t being chased anymore, then you can go in the battle again, do note that a killed Marksman is a useless marksman. You are better off running, being chased by the enemies assassin to let them fight equal 4 vs 4 rather than dying making them fight 5 vs 4.

So there you have it, another guide about Onmyoji Arena Shikigami, got any suggestion? Well comment down below to let us know. For other heroes guide you can click:

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