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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Inuyasha, an Old School Anime Character!

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Inuyasha, an Old School Anime Character!

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Inuyasha.

Honestly, this is probably the first thought up cross over since the release of the game.

Well, without further ado, Inuyasha is one of the most OP samurai. The first time i am using it, i end up killing 11 shikigami, going in and out whenever i want, and wrecking everything without them ever touching me. Sure, there are some times where it is close, but his passive suddenly lit up and everything will be fine.

Seriously this guy is too much and so Inuyasha is best suited for people that love to kill, and go to the middle of a battle.

As for his skill:

Game Preparation


1. Eye of Orochi (Main Life steal item Item)
Eye of Orochi is a good item for inuyasha. It is mostly to use for farming and to gain more level.
Of course it doesn’t mean that the item is useless in the late game. With this item you will be able to gain
more lifesteal and more damage.
2. WindWalker  (Main defense Items)
Item that is useful for roaming, especially if you are using inuyasha for jungle.
With this you can go in and out of a lane to secure those exp
3. Chidori Twin Sword (Damage Item)
With chidori you will be able to chase down the enemies.
Its passive lets you gain more movement speed in each hit, which makes it useful especially because of inuyasha passive that lets you attack faster in each hit.
4. Mikazuki (Main Damage item)
Reason to get mikazuchi is to give inuyasha more durability, while giving him the ability to use most of his
skill with the CD reduction. Another reason is because of the added Physical penetration. This is one of the Main damage item for inuyasha beside chidori.
5. Juzumaru (Main damage item)
You might already know this, but juzumaru is a tank killer, and because each hit will deal 4% more damage of the curent health, it is really good to be paired with Inuyasha Passive.
BUT! If the enemies doesn’t have a tanky Shikigami, buy otento instead for the added critical damage.
6. BoneRotter (Last Durability item)
Inuyasha don’t really need much armor, because if his HP is drop below 50% he will gain armor and magic resist.
But because of that, he will need other item that lets him to survive the burst damage.
Which is why bonerotter is picked as the last item. Bone rotter lets inuyasha gain lifesteal ability while giving him the added attack and defense.


For onmyodo, i recommend you to use this set, Attack speed to ensure your passive activate all the time enabling him to deal more damage each time. Armor Penetration is for those annoying samurai and tank that won’t die after being hit. Attack HP steal to ensure your survive ability, plus with it you will be able to farm more in the early game.

Shadow hunt is to gain more damage in each hit for a short while to ambush the enemies. Feather sigil is to ensure more damage in each kill and lastly sorcery star is because most of his item and passive use attack speed, and because of that using this onmyodo will let you gain 10 stacks of sorcery star more easily.

Skill Combination

Because inuyasha is a samurai type shikigami that excel in hitting i recommend you to:
Take his first skill pasive (3 hit Wind slash), Second skill knockback (I fan you), and third skill (Can’t touch me) next. Maximize your first skill passive first, third skill next, and then the second skill last (You can also distribute them equally but i will tell you why later i choose the third skill first). Lastly take ultimate whenever you can.

Like any other samurai, Inuyashi will win with 1st : Items, 2nd : Level. However, his ultimate passive enables him to upgrade most of his skill and damage to a further level, enhancing their attack. He becomes better than any other samurai in the same level.

Well rather than that, every samurai has their own merits and demerits, for example Inugami he has a high attack, high damage, but his health is so low that if his timing is wrong and he got stun for a while he will die in a matter of seconds.

Another example is Yotohime. She got a high damage, CC immune, Medium health, and good defense, but most of her damage comes from using a skills, and the demerit is that most of her skill got a long cooldown, making her really hard to use in a war.

What about inuyasha you ask? He has a high damage, medium cooldown, medium health, but the thing is, if you hit him until he is almost dead. His passive will lit up enabling him to heal most of the damage dealt to him, and gain another magic resist and armor.

Added with his ultimate passive that lets him gain 7% lifesteal damage permanently and his skill to deal knockback and chase the enemies. He is one unstopable foes. The only demerits that i have thought is that he is a level based shikigami.

Which makes this guide really easy to make, use Subdue spell, to let your team know that you will be going around the jungle and farm a lot. Inuyasha is a level base shikigami. The more he jungle, the more he will gain, and the easier for him to kill the enemies.

Remember to roam to any lane, not for the kill but for the exp and disturbing the opponents for a bit. If you can go in for the kill then do it. If not, then don’t force it. Especially in the early game. Also, you don’t need to buy the last jungle item if you don’t want to, buy only the first or the second for that added exp bonus and buy the first recommended item for Inuyasha.

In the late game, you will be going around searching for paper thin enemies to kill. Use your bush to your advantages and surprise the enemies with your skill 3, and go in the battle. Hit them once, use skill 2 to knock them back, hit them again and if they are trying to flee.

Use your ultimate in that direction. Most of the time they will die before you are able to use your ultimate. Of course you will also need to understand your level difference and damage, but you will win most of the time.

Okay, so this is the reason why i focus on the passive skill, inuyasha is not an skill type samurai. Most importantly his damage comes from his ability to attack and with his passive after 3 attacks he will be able to deal more damage to the enemies, + each attack will make his attack more faster.

Then next is the third skill teleport (Can’t touch me), the skill will reduce its CD by 0.5s in each upgrade, and in the end it will only has 8s cooldown, added with his CD reduction item, the cooldown will only be 5s. Enabling him to either chase or run away from the enemies by using this short cooldown. For the second skill, sure it is great but it only disturb the enemies making him unable to channel or do some damage for a short while. So it is not that useful in my opinion.

Lastly, use your ultimate only in a battle. It got a short range but its damage is very powerful. Notice how the slash is so slow, well, because each shikigami can be hit 6 times, and it is in area to boot which means that if you are able to group up the enemies and slash them by using your ultimate, you will be able to deal 6 times damage to each shikigami.

And so there you have it, another guide being made.

Got any other guide you want us to make? Well comment down below. For other heroes guide you can click “Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks: Guide for Most Heroes!”