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4 Best Drama Games for Android: Go Along with Your Romance!

Best Drama Games for Android: Go Along with Your Romance!

Everyone loves drama. It is what makes life more interesting. They might not want to be involve themselves into the mess that you are dealing with right now, but they want to know the details.

Well, rather than searching for drama, what if you can play it on your own while not having one at the same time? How you ask? Well, by playing a game, you can choose your own story, what kind of respond that you want them to make. It is much more interesting right?

So, today we are going to give you a list of the best drama game on android phone!

1. Shadowtime

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Download this fantastic “shoujo game” and enjoy the superb anime style illustrations that go along with the romance novel you create. Veiled in suspense, this game presents you with original characters and creative plot that combines two different worlds.

Anime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨ offers you a chance to play a game within a game combining elements of RPG, otome style games and VR. Above all, it is also one of the most carefully written interactive story games offering you new stories and chapters on a regular basis.

“Choose your storyline” and don’t miss the chance to try the best otome free dating games. These love triangle games can be yours in a few seconds! Write your own amino visual novel romance!

2. Episode – Choose Your Story

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Episode lets you LIVE your stories with love, romance, adventure, and drama. Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU were a character in your favorite story?

Episode lets you do just that with over 100,000 gripping stories, where you make choices that matter. With billions of reads, Episode is the world’s largest collection of interactive stories where YOU choose your destiny. Or become a creator and write your own!

3. My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode

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Your story begins here! Want to enjoy living on campus with amazing friends? Want to find love with an alluring vampire? The choice is yours! The wiser your choice is, the more interesting your story gets. This game allow you to get addict to the story, and make you unable to put your phone down reading these irresistible stories!

4. Love Story Games: Teenage Drama

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Immerse yourself in an interactive story full of love, romance and dangerous affairs. Join our heroes and their adventures in drama school and learn what it takes to become a great actor. Find out your true personality! Who’s gonna be your choice: a young, good looking actor and teacher or a protective school friend?

Be careful ’cause one small step can easily take you into a “forbidden love” affair. Think about your decision, and remember that your choice will influence your feelings, your career and your future too! A shocking “visual novel game” for teenagers will keep you in suspense and despair while you wait for sequels! Choose your own adventure in ?Love Story Games: Teenage Drama?!