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Heart Star Game Review – A Really Cute and Heartwarming Puzzle Game!

Heart Star – A Really Cute and Heartwarming Puzzle Game!

Everybody loves a heartwarming love story. It is because deep down, we all want to find that someone that we want to spend the rest of our life with. Of course, it is not as easy as it said it would, if so not everyone will be single right? Well, apart from that all, why don’t you try the game that we are going to review right now? It is called Heart Star.

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Heart Star is an adorable puzzle platformer where you guide two little friends through two parallel worlds. Swap between the worlds to solve unique puzzles. Overcome all obstacles with the power of teamwork!

Cute, heartwarming, and adorable is what i would say about this game. You will be playing as 2 character in the game, the red girl and the blue boy. Your goal is to help them connect with one another in their favorite dating spot.

You can change to either the girl or the boy by simply clicking on the swap button. While you are playing as the girl, you can’t step on the blue color platform, and any other blue type obstacle won’t hinders you, and it is the same with the blue boy. You can’t step on the red color platform and any other red type obstacle won’t hinder you.


But, because of that, you guys will need to work together to be together in your dating spot. It is the kind of puzzle where you will be going back and forth to one another, which require you to use your brain in a really fun way.

The graphic is very cute, the character design, expression and walking animation are adorable, and the game play is amazing. It is one of the top puzzle game. The only thing that is wrong with it is that each puzzle is kinda short, but apart from that all.

This is a pretty well made game and i recommend you to try and check it out!

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