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UU Game Booster App Review – Is It Worth It?

Now you have known that there is a thing called a game booster. It is supposedly made to improve your gaming performance, but does it work? Well, apart from that all, i am currently playing games that are made by net ease which are Identity V, Rules of Survival, and Onmyoji Arena.

They are all great, but still sometimes my phone will lag a lot, and that is when i stumble across an app that is made by NetEase called UU Game Booster.


UU Game Booster is a professional mobile games ping accelerator, which designed to allow anyone in the world to play any of your favorite mobile games with lag-free experience.
Download and enjoy lag-free gaming experience from now!

Now, before going in on the review, we will list out what this app promise us:

  1. You will experience a lag free gaming.
  2. It is stable and smooth.
  3. Effectively Reduce ping and Lags.
  4. and lastly it is a easy to use.

Like so, i was a bit interested trying to use the apps, and i playing the game made by the same developer, so if they are brave enough to make a game booster, it mean that the developer is confident that the game that they themselves make will be boosted enough not to cause any problem, right? Well at least that is what i thought.

The game booster start of trying to explain its worth to you. How can the it boost up your gaming performance by clearing up your RAM and the usual stuff that you might find in other game booster, and then about how can it improve your ping by maximizing and stabilizing your internet connection by giving you the best possible server on the game (It works like a VPN but the app choose the server on their own). It also lets you know what is the in game ping and how much does the app boost on the game overall.

and after trying it for 3 of the net ease game (Identity V, Onmyoji Arena, and Rules of survival) i conclude that the app itself doesn’t work.¬†Lets list out the what the app promise us again:

  • you will experience a lag free gaming = Now, it did indeed makes the game smoother, but i don’t know about the lag free. It almost feel the same before and after using the game booster.
  • it is stable and smooth = Not at all, in fact i don’t feel any different before and after using the apps.
  • effectively Reduce ping and Lags = Now, this is the main reason as to why i want to download the apps. The app isn’t doing anything to improve my pings and lags. In fact, i feel like my ping got worse because i use this app, for example i was playing the Global Identity V game in Asia server, and without the UU game booster i honestly got 250ms~ ping, but using the UU Game booster i got about 300ms to 500 ms. There are also some rare time when i suddenly got 120ms~ ping, but it was so rare and after a while i spike up to 999ms which is frustrating.
  • and lastly it is a easy to use = honestly, this is probably the only thing that i thought the apps work. It is easy to use but doesn’t work.
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