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Paranormal Territory 2 Game Review – Get on Edge with this Game!

Scary movie, scary story and scary games are pretty popular. Everybody loves it when they get on edge, the adrenaline rush that they get when they are scared is addictive. Today, we are going to review a horror game called Paranormal Territory 2.

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Does your mind starved for puzzles, and your nerves from thrill? Well, then horror “Paranormal Territory 2” from “AGaming+” will shake you to the core! Turn off the light and take your headset. But be careful, only your vigilance can help you to escape from the paws of the horror that is happening here.

After successfully scared the player from the previous installment, Igor Migun the developer of Paranormal Territory 1, made the second installment. The game is about a paranormal specialist called Oleg. He get a message from unknown frightened people. That tells him about strange and unexplained and even mystical events that occurs in they’re home.

Oleg is interested in that because you are investigating such ocassions and paranormal activity. What a great chance to learn more about nature of these anomalies! And is urgently going to the address that was in the message. Later do he know that it is the worst decision that he makes.

Like PT 1, PT 2 is a Puzzle horror exploring game where you as the player will need to find some paranormal stuff and learn about the stuff. You can interact, and move by using the analog and the hand icon in the game. However unlike the first installment in PT 2 you can die, which makes this game a lot harder to beat, added with the non-saveable game. You will definitely get frustrated by a lot. Regardless, this is still a good game to play.

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The graphic is great, and the game got a horror ambiance that will definitely scare you. If you really like horror game, then i recommend you to try it.

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