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Total RAM Speed Booster Review – Smooth Your Phone Up with this App!

I used to be skeptical about the ram booster that you can find on the app store. 9/10 they won’t work at all. They don’t improve anything, and the worse part is that they take up more space without even doing anything.

I didn’t know some that really works, but after finding the app called Total RAM Speed Booster. I change my opinion about the app.

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Slow device? Can’t play high end games? RAM got eaten up fast?
This is the speed booster app for you. Give your device the lighting speed in one tap!
A must have tool for all Android users. Just try it and feel the difference in speed.

How Total RAM Booster lets you play your games and use important apps with lightning speed!
The intelligently designed booster engine will keep eye on RAM used by apps that are on background, and freezes/kills the background tasks which will end up in giving the “forefront” app a big RAM usability share [i.e the top most displayed app/game will get more RAM share and resources].

Thus when playing high end games, if you feel that your device is slow or lagging, just minimize the app/game and boost your RAM using TRB or just use TRB widget for that lightning speed gaming experience.

The description already told you how they speed your phone up. I will just convince you that this app is not a waste of time. In the mean time, i use a phone called Oppo A39 which have 3GB ram, 16 GB internal memory, Octa Core and so on.

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You might think that it is a good phone, but it is not. If i have enough money to change my phone believe me i will! The main problem about this phone is the lag. You will need to restart your phone periodically so that it won’t lag a lot while playing or simply just browsing and since i am an app reviewer, there are tons of apps that contribute to the lag.

Now, the main problem is the system OS which takes more than half the original RAM on the phone. So even if i have 3 GB ram, i actually got 1.28 GB apart from what’s app and other important chatting apps.

If i play games like, Mobile Legends, Identity V, or even Fortnite, I will get a little bit of lag that is bearable, but if you played for more than 1 hour. The lag will be unbearable!

I can’t even play the game well without pulling your heads out. Which is why i am searching for a good phone optimizer that can solve my problem.

The thing is ever since i got the total ram booster on my phone, The lag got a lot better. There hasn’t been any spike and most of the game that i played is really smooth, even the high graphic game like Errant: Hunter’s Soul.

Simply install the app and tap the optimize button and voila your phone is a lot smoother! There are 4 modes in the apps, from Normal, Deep, System and Quick, but the normal one will do you good. (If you don’t believe me, check out Onmyoji Arena Guide which have most of my phone recording video on it. There are some lags on it that makes me die in each game)

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I really recommend you guys to try this app. This app save me from breaking my phone apart and i want to share it for you. If you are interested, download it in the link below. Thanks and have a nice day!

App Rating : Total RAM Speed Booster ($0.99)
RAM Booster for AndroidTotal RAM Speed Booster Review
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