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Newest and Best Watermark Apps for Android 2018: Protect Your Photo from Being Stolen!

While others are making a content like picture, videos and stuff some people are stealing it. Sadly, they are claiming that it is theirs while giving no credit to the maker. Which is why a watermark is important to protect your picture, to make it yours!

Previously, we have given you guys 7 watermarks apps that can be use to protect your phone. Today, we will give you some of the newest watermark apps that also good and available to be downloaded on Google Play Store, check them out!

1. Photo Watermark

Source: Google play


If you want to protect Photo from being stolen, you need a branded logo image watermark! Your artwork will be completely safe if you download the Photo. This application to add text to your photo with Photo Watermark.

You can add text and protect your photo fairy or memes from others and internet pages put them add text to the photo and ask them to be their own add words to the picture. Just place a single watermark on your image and let the watermark “write on this image” is something that makes your image easy to spot.

You can use the application written on the photo application to even add a signature. If you think my signature is not pretty, you can use one of the many stylish fonts that this watermark creator offers to write on the image with beautiful fonts with accents.

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Pro: Easy to use, got tons of feature
Cons: Too many ads, can be non activate by not connecting to the internet

2. Watermark for Photos

Source: Youtube


It is a great and very effective way to promote your brand, business or website. Using watermarks on photo will prevent anyone (even your competitors) from making use of your images. If you implement them, it will help you protect your work and discourage anyone who wants to use your image to promote their project or business from doing so without your permission.

You can create your own signature, logo, stamp or may be a hand drawn sign, just create save and apply. A watermark on photo is a message (usually a logo, stamp or signature) superimposed onto an image, with a great deal of transparency.

Pros: Easy to use, nice and easy to understand interface, can easily create new logo.
Cons: Ads ads ads, can only watermark 1 pic at a time, often crash in a low end phone.

3. Logo Licious

Source: Google Play


LogoLicious is the best solution to quickly add your own logo, watermark, and text to your images. It’s the perfect tool to personalize, promote and protect your pictures. Especially created for the ‘quick let me post this’ situations: Simply load your logo straight from your phone into the app; drag & drop it on top of your photo; and post your watermarked images online, on the go!

Pros: Free to use, no ads, and easy to use interface.
Cons: No ads but annoying pop up asking for donation all the time

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4. Salt

Source: youtube


Salt app makes it easy for businesses to take photos while automatically adding their logo, watermark, and text. You can choose your font out of hundred fonts from handwriting, fancy, girly, stylish and many other. You can also resize, crops to 1:1, 3:4, 9,16 and 16:9 depending on your needs.

Pros: Got the best feature out of all 4 above.
Cons: Credit system you can only make a limited amount of watermarked picture.

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