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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to be A Good Jungler!

Based on the same review, Onmyoji Arena review, if you haven’t check it out yet click here. The game is one of the most popular game available right now and there are so many things to covered, and today, we will cover a bit about jungle. Check it out!

Note: Remember to take Subdue Spell to maximize your jungling ability.

1. Early Game!

The first time you go into the game, buy the jungle item that let you heal a little amount of health each time you deal damage to the Jungle monster, because unlike most MOBA games, the jungle monster in this game is so hard to kill in the early game. Of course, you can still kill it by yourself, but it takes more time and the exp that you got is still the same. So, remember to communicate with your team mates.

After that, farm, and jungle while keeping in watch of your map. Know when your team mates is in problem and help them whenever you can. I really suggest you to buy boots first before buying the upgradeable jungle equipment to boost your movement speed to get more jungle for exp. Help them and kill the creeps to get those bonus exp which will help you leveling up and be more OP than the enemy jungler.

2. Mid Game

In the mid game, you can start killing the enemies that is below 50%, and because of that you must really pay attention to your map. Where is the war, and so on. I really suggest you to take Wind walker as your main roaming boots, as it will help you in going up and down faster. Another thing that you need to do is farming. So, farm, jungle, and then kill the enemies.

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If you are on the losing team. I really suggest you to run away from any battle at all. Because you will definitely die. Rather than dying without a cause / just simply “almost” killing the enemies. I suggest you to run away and farm until you find someone alone and deal with them. Target their Marksman if you can.

Don’t go for the Mage unless they are really stupid as most mage has a stun and burst damage that can kill you in a matter of minute.

3. Late game

In the late game, you can go around and kill everybody that you like, well apart from tank of course. As it will be a hassle to deal damage to them. Target their damage dealer in the late game and then kill their mage. Although when they are in a group, don’t go in recklessly. Know who has the stun and see if they had already use it. And then you can start dealing damage.

Your priority should be MM > Mage > Samurai > Tank > Ninja. However do note that their ninja will also go around and kill your team damage dealer. So be really cautious.

If you are on the losing team then make your team defend the tower. While you on the other hand go around and steal the tower. If you are a ninja, which is usually high in movement speed and can go around the map whenever you want. Pay attention to your enemies team while stealing the tower. They will usually divide themselves to 3 – 2 or 4 – 1. After that, you can go and help your enemies.

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There you have it, another good guide for being a jungler!

Got any tips to share? Comment down below so that we know, you can also check out other heroes guide in ““Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks : Guide for Most Heroes!”

How to be A Good JunglerOnmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks
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