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Payday: Crime War Game Review – PC Games in Your Phone? Why Not!

Who doesn’t know about the Payday game. Payday is an action pack FPS four player co-op shooter game. The player will play as a gang of twenty one members that can perform heists either alone or with other 3 team mates. The player can participate in variety of heists including robberies of bank, shops and armored cars.

The players wins when they are able to steal the bank vaults, and run away, but of course the cops won’t just stay still. Well, that is the gist of the game. Now, as you all have read the title, we are here to present you the Android and iOS version of Payday, which is called Payday: Crime War!

Payday Crime War is the newest most anticipated FPS game right now. It is mainly because of the hype of its previous two games on steam which is Payday: The Heist and Payday 2. The game play is still the same, but the unique thing about this game is that you are able to play as a cop, which means that rather than co-op it is more like 4 vs 4 in which the heister and the cop will compete in a PvP Experience.

The heister as we all know must steal the vault within the time limit and the cops will do its best to kill the heister and protect the vault. The game is a much more simplified version of the original Payday PC game, but it is still pretty fun to play.

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There are also weapon upgrades, and gears that can help you win the game. The game is still in beta test, but it can already be played, with a little bit of error in the server.

If you are interested in downloading this game, you could click on the link below. If you are interested in sign up for the close beta version, you can click on the “Payday : Crimewar Pre-register“.

App Rating : Payday : CrimeWar (Free (In App Purchase))
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