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Soundcloud Introduce a new feature to share your listened track to instagram stories

Sometimes when we are listening to a music. We want to share it to the world. Letting everybody know that this is a good song and they should know it to. There are many streaming apps that can be use from Spotify, Joox, and even Soundcloud. Soundcloud itself is an app that can be used to stream music, but unlike other music streaming apps, It didn’t have a feature to share your listened music to your Instagram. We used to screen capture the songs and then share it manually in our stories.

However, the recent post on its (Soundcloud) blog stated that starting today, if you are using the newest Soundcloud apps, you can share your music discoveries from the apps directly to your Instagram Stories. The interesting thing is that you can scan the new and hot charts and then easily shared them to the world.

If you are an Artist, then you can post a link to the single that you just dropped so that your followers can directly listen and connect to the track on SoundCloud to access your new music on the spot. Another new feature that it implemented is the mobile commenting feature that lets your fans listen and give feedback in real time.

And so Here’s how the new feature works :

  1. Install the latest version of Soundcloud app that has just been updated (23/10)
  2. Tap and share the icon at the bottom of your screen
  3. Tap the instagram icon and select share to instagram stories
  4. and share the link to your followers
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The new feature is available in Android and iOS right now. So get them.

Download Android : Google Play
Download iOS : iTunes

Source : Blog.SoundCloud

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