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How to Easily make your own Whats app sticker!

A while back, one of the most famous messenger apps is releasing their newest update which implemented Sticker as one of their feature. As such, there are plenty of user that are excited for that, and because of that there are many company that provide the sticker even if you are using a third party app for that. However, did you know that you can make your own personalize sticker in whats app? Well, if you don’t then please check out this so that you will be able to easily make your own personalize sticker.

What you need :

  1. Your Picture that you want to make the sticker off
  2. Background eraser app (Download link)
  3. Personal Sticker for WhatsApp app (Download Link)

How to?

First of all take your picture that you wanted to make the sticker and then erase the background with the background eraser app.

You can use the picture and save it as .png, so that you will be able to use it as a stamp, or in this case as a whats app sticker.

Note: Remember to really be careful in deleting the background, you don’t want some part of your picture to be erased right?

Second, Open the Personal Sticker for WhatsApp apps that you had just downloaded and then add your already deleted background picture to the apps.

After that add the picture that you wanted and then you will be able to see the sticker that you had added in your whatsapp sticker.

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Simple isn’t it? you will only need to work hard when you erase your background picture, or you can simplify the process by using adobe Photoshop. Anyway, Those are some of the tips and tricks that you can use to make your own sticker. Good luck!

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