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Diablo Immortal is Open for Pre-registration Despite their Negative Reviews

Since the announcement of Diablo Immortal that will be available for your mobile device, there are plenty of negative reviews including the trailer that has been released in Youtube regarding the release of the game.

As of now the trailer itself got almost 2.5 million of views with a total of 250K dislike and 17K of likes. However, despite the controversies that is on the web right now, the developer, Blizzard is still doing their best to give us the game and is still opened up for pre-registration on either Android or iOS.

The game play will pretty much the same as any Diablo game if you see the trailer. However, there might be a little bit of adjustment that is going to be on the controller but that doesn’t mean that the game will be less fun (Probably), but regardless if you are interested or want to check out the game. You can do so by registering the game in the link below.

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