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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love -Guide for Upgrading Your Equipment

Like any other MMORPG game, Ragnarok also implement the upgrade feature that lets your already own weapon to be a lot more stronger than before. It will help you in the late game, because searching for another good weapon in higher weapon is a pain in the arse, and because of that most player utilize the upgrade feature.

If you are still a bit confuse about the feature then you are in luck. Because this guide will help you in upgrading your equipment.

Now, to upgrade your equipment you will of needs 3 things. The weapon that you want to upgrade, the material that you need to upgrade the weapon, and lastly the npc that can upgrade your weapon.

Now, it is all listed in your weapon below, and you will only need to find the material and the NPC.

For Example the Fullback Dagger, will need the NPC from the Orc Village. After finding the NPC needed, you will then be ask to give the equipment and the material needed with some fee to pay.

If you say yes, then you will get a bonus buff that can be use to further enhance your attack. Note, that each enhancement have a chance of breaking your equipment.

A broken equip won’t be useful anymore and it will stay that way, but the reward if you can fully upgrade the weapon is veryvgreat. There is a chance that your weapon might evolve into the other weapon that is more stronger and higher for example.

For example the Attached swords can be changed to Muramasa after the last upgrade. It will give an enormous amount of attack damage, crit and so on.

So upgrade is a one way to easily boost your damage. However be very careful, okay!

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