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Best New Android and iOS Adventure MMORPG Games on November 2018

MMORPG is one of games type that are so popular on mobile. Massively, Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or better known as MMORPG is a game with the main aspects in the form of exploration, interaction, and customization that will run in real time. So, the interaction that occurs is between players and players from various parts of the world. As for the mandatory elements contained in this game are clans, PVP, and social interaction via chat.

When counted very much the number of Adventure MMORPG that requires players to be online out there, although most of them claim to be Adventure MMORPGs, not all of them really represent the Adventure MMORPG game.

In our opinion, a new game can be said as Adventure MMORPG, if it involves intense interaction and cooperation with other players. For example, even places players in the same location (or known as instance), so they can complete the quest together.

Now, we have chosen the 6 Best New Android and iOS Adventure MMORPG Games on November 2018 that you should play. Check them out!

1. Rebirth M

Rebirth M is a mobile adventure MMORPG from Caret Games. Since, it was first released in Brazil on October 18, 2008 and then the global version with the Android and iOS platforms.

In 2017 September, Caret Games introduced new Rebirth game under the name Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation. However, the game was canceled without a clear explanation. Until the good news comes, Caret Games has released a replacement game, Rebirth M.

It offers a typical playing experience with MMORPG Adventure-themed games such as Storyline, War, PVP, PVE, Fantasy to Open-world. Even so, Rebirth M managed to steal the attention of game fans around the world. With the mobile game platform does not limit Rebirth M to become an epic.

With the quality of the graphics that resemble the quality on PC platforms, with thousands of diverse features offered like in PVE mode that offers PVP when hunting monsters or commonly known as Player Killer (PK), Party Raids and Solo Mode Raids. Even various types of Bosses have been prepared in the game.

Yes, indeed the quality of the graphics of this game stole the attention of fans but Engine Unity, which Caret Game runs on this game is a major weapon.

2. MapleStory M

Present for the first time in Korea, currently MapleStory has its global server. MapleStory M is a MMORPG-themed mobile game based on the MapleStory (Online PC Game).

Nostalgia, the presence of MapleStory M is awaited by fans of the side-scrolling game. Without prejudice to the original version features, such as unlimited customization, immersive storyline and a very amazing battle with bosses, Nexon as a developer aims to create a unique experience for mobile games without sacrificing the things that makes MapleStory special.

Players will act as one of the five unique characters in MapleStory and hunt for treasure in daily Dungeon. In this game, players must raise the level, find a new location, and play with friends as a party to fight the boss.

MapleStory has a global server with 9 languages.

3. Overlords of Oblivion

The newest game from Neocraft Limited with the adventure MMORPG theme is here, Overlords of Oblivion. Having a very epic storyline makes the Overlords of Oblivion game must be included in this list.

The players will feel how an Overlord killed the gods and demons. The forces of heaven and hell who waged endless wars which resulted in prolonged conflict in the human world.

A city called Eleland or commonly called the city of blessing is the last fortress of mankind. Where it has a target mission named Lord Mammon and the Spiritual Legion. This is where the players play a savior named Overlord.

Since September 13, 2018 this game has opened a pre-register and it is estimated that this game will soon be released at the end of November.

4. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

In 2018 September 19, Gravity Interactive Inc. opened a pre-register of an Adventure MMORPG themed mobile game, the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. With the game play concept that is still the same as the previous generation, Ragnarok Online (2000).

Of course there are advantages that are presented in the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. The graphic enhancements make it very impressive, veterans cannot ignore this game. Reminisce about the past with a view of the future.

The features and elements of the previous Ragnarok game can certainly be found in the Ragnarok game M: Eternal Love. The more you want to be nostalgic right? But..

Different from Ragnarok Online Classic, in Ragnarok Mobile the players will be helped by the auto feature that can help for grinding more easily. This system is certainly implemented to make it easier for players to make better use of time.

Not only that, the players can also enter many skills that can be used automatically by their characters so that the Auto system is not just auto-attack.

Of course, the Auto system does not necessarily make players able to grind levels without limits easily. The developer provides a stamina system where in one day the player can only grind the level in a certain time span. And later the remaining stamina that has been used per day can players check in the Settings menu.

With a million advantages it doesn’t make Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is born without lack. One of the disadvantages that can be mentioned may be found in the Quest system, which can not be monitored properly by players, and strange camera angles on some maps. Even so, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is still one of the Mobile MMORPG Games that must be played!

5. Miracle Origin

Who doesn’t know GAMELAND (HK) CO., Limited? The most frequent game manufacturer launches the best MMORPG game. In late October, again GAMELAND launched Adventure MMORPG-themed games, Miracle Origin.

In this game, you could choose the characters with three different classes, namely Berserker, Spellsword and Elementalist. With the abilities of each different character, such as skills, strengths, and weaknesses, this game is enjoyed by players all over the world. With 4 different skills for each character, Miracle Origin also has 2 simple battle methods, PVP mode and PVE Mode.

The battle atmosphere of Miracle Origin uses a virtual key game system, where players only need to touch the screen of the device being used. With very sophisticated 3D graphics, plus epic back song, adds excitement to the game.

6. Old School RuneScape

The world’s largest and most popular MMORPG, Old School RuneScape has been played by over 260 million players since the 2001 release of RuneScape. Old School RuneScape unites the intricate mechanics of modern MMOs with the nostalgic point-and-click gameplay of early role-playing games.

It’s the only MMORPG in the world that is shaped by its players, with developers releasing new, regular content that has been voted for by the fans! What?

Yes, besides the classic features that are back in this game, you could choose your own path is still maintained in this latest game. Besides PVP feature with epic gameplay, hundreds of quests, epic battles with bosses become more interesting with an increasingly sophisticated graphic display.

Explore Gielinor is still an interesting challenge for every player. Players are challenged to cross the fossil island and reveal its lost history. Mapping the hot tropics in the Karamjan forest, and tracing the barren wastes in the Kharidian desert. Making this game deserve to be dubbed as The Legendary of MMORPG Games!

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