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Ragnarok M Eternal Love Secret Guide – All You Need to Know to Catch A Pet!

Unlike the original game, the Ragnarok M is really generous in terms of their pet. It is easier to get them with appropriate items, and even has a chance of 100% get depending on your gear and stuff.

I remember in the original game, when i wanted to catch an Earth Petite, and wasted for about 68 shining stone, only for it to fail every time, and before you say anything, yes… I got the worst luck. Which is why i write an article tips….

If you are still confuse, what is the use of a pet then this guide will help you understand, so check out the list below:

1. Pet can be use for Experience

One of the most interesting feature in this game is the Pet Labor system, where you can get literally millions of exp while making your pet slaving to do the job. You will need to be at lvl 45, and pet intimacy lv 5. Use the Pet Labor system, and they will give you at least 100K base EXP and 10K Job EXP. At level 60 They will give you at least 500K Base EXP and 50 K ob Exp.

2. Material Hunting is easy when you had Pet

First of all, you will need to unlock your pet at level 30. And then after you catch your pet, you will need to make their intimacy at least lv 3 before using them for material hunting. You can select your pet adventure for material hunting in the pet adventure guide.

You can guide after finishing the pet quest, and then choose your pets that you wanted to send for slaving, and start the adventure. Oh and it will also consume some of your adventure meatballs and 60 minutes stamina. Wait for the time, and then receive your pets hard work.

3. Intimacy is very important

Unlike real life pet, your Ragnarok Pet won’t need an extra attention, just occasional pet and its favorite food and there you have it. You are good to go.

Now, the Intimacy is very important because it enable you to have them do the material hunting, and Pet Labor exp feature.

That is all that you need to understand about pet, if you have other tips then comment down below! Thank you for reading this article, have a nice day!

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