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Most popular MOBA game in 2017 ago, and still most populer until today. Mobile Legend, game Free to Play player can be downloaded through Play Store or App Store. Like other online games, Mobile Legends also offers customization of the row of heroes used when playing gamers.

Although only limited to skin, you have to spend very big for a skin only, even the crazy one is one skin it can make a new purchase. Which must look more cool looking hero. In addition, some of these skins also have the ability to increase the stats hero.

Here is a complete list of the most expensive skins after all. We rank it for you.

12. Bruno – Best DJ (749 Diamonds)

Like a millennials, with headsets and skateboards on the back. Bruno’s figure is very unique with this skin, you will get a bonus attribute of +8 physical attacks when using it.

11. Franco – Wasteland Butcher (749 Diamonds)

32,000 Battle Point for a Hero, Franco. quite expensive … and the skin from Franco is also very expensive. Being the only skin Franco has, for 749 Diamonds. But to become a Tanker, this skin is very useful because it has the attribute of +100 HP.

10. Layla – Cannon and Roses (749 Diamonds)

Layla become a bride. made to celebrate valentine’s day. Using this Skin will give +8 Physical Attack. Makes Layla so horrible, bloody valentine’s day!

9. Clint – Guns and Roses (749 Diamonds)

Making Clint become more idolized by women, like a groom, Clint is also present to celebrate Valentine’s Day. using this skin he will get  8 Physical Attacks. Clint is Layla’s husband?

8. Irithel – Hellfire (899 Diamonds)

Epic Irithel skin is arguably the coolest epic skin compared to other skin heroes. Irithel’s appearance looks more creepy and frightening with the embers of fire on Leo’s legs which are his mounts. Making Irithel look very sadistic like a female devil. This skin is worth 899 Diamonds and during the last event, the discount on this skin made it 629 Diamonds

7. Zilong/Yun Zhao – Dragon Knight (899 Diamonds)

Appearing with a blend of silver, blue, and gold that glows from this stick makes zilong look cooler. Even though there aren’t many changes in the impact skills inside, a dragon will appear if you activate the ultimate skill. Zilong’s 1 and 2 skills will appear more golden and when removing the passive skill, zilong’s stick will glow and emit light fragments. You can get this skin by buying it for 899 diamonds. You will get the +8 physical attack attribute.

6. Rafaela – Flower Fairy (899 Diamonds)

Adorable look with easy red wings and a rabbit on his head. a large flower complete with eggs, like an easter egg being a weapon for Rafaela. Using this skin will give the +8 Magic Power effect to its users. Of course this skin is made with the aim of celebrating Easter.

5. Saber – Regulator (899 Diamonds)

Assassin with 2 swords, wearing costumes like Ninja. Saber figure like Terminator who only knows about killing opponents. Increase physical attack +8. This skin is recommended if you want to become a serial killer.

4. Johnson – Automata (899 Diamonds)

This skin indicates that Johnson has joined S.A.B.E.R. team. The costume is deep gray and the list is blue like a police. When Johnson turns into a car he will make the criminals run scared.

3. Bane – Count Dracula (1089 Diamonds)

Melebrate Halloween day. Mobile legend launch new skin. The very epic skin appearance, top hat and cloak are red, making Bane like a Dracula and Pirate. The effects of the skills produced also look better when using this skin. Valued 1089 Diamonds increase the Physical Attack attribute +8

2. Saber – Codename Storm ( Estimated 12.000 Diamonds)

Look like a Gundam. Hero who is a mainstay to destroy the formation of this opponent, became very epic when using the skin Codename Storm. Marksman hero has a gundam-style robot design with a yellow sword that is super cool.

To get one of the most expensive skins in Mobile Legends, you have to test your luck on the magic wheel and pay 60 diamonds every single round. Unfortunately, to get this skin in one spin seems very impossible. It may take 200 rounds that cost around 12,000 diamonds

1. Miya – Modena Butterfly (Estimated 16.000 Diamonds)

Same with the Codename Storm skin saber, the most expensive skin of all Miya – this Modena Butterfly can only be obtained by players from the Magic Wheel. And it is estimated that it takes 16,000 Diamonds to get this skin.

So guys, are you interested in having all these skins? You need to spend a lot of money to have all skin, but of course you will be very famous if have it all!

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