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Sometimes, after a long day in work, what you need is a hot bath that will help you relax. There is nothing wrong with having a time for yourself and relax your muscle. Light up your scented candle, and use some of this apps below to give you the best relaxing atmosphere. You will be able to feel your muscle relaxing. Finally, you getting more happy!

1. Just Rain


Sometimes, in a stressed environment, i would love to have a cup of coffee while hearing a sound of rain. Imagine that, closing your eyes, in the bathtub hearing the sound of rain. Trying to relax, it will definitely be a blissful evening. This app  is a soothing audiovisual rain simulator.

Listen to varying degrees of rain sounds from gentle drizzle to intense downpour — controlled by a simple drag of your finger. Just Rain also features stereo audio panning and a visual rain simulation. Use it to relax, to study, or to sleep!

2. Sleepo : Relaxing Sound


If rain won’t do you any good, then i really recommend you to try out other soundlike camp fire, Frog, and so on. You will be able to find any relaxing sound with a good quality on this apps.

3. Calm


If rain, and other sound won’t do you good. Then what about a story? Imagine yourself, in a bathtub, relaxing. Of course you would love to do something that will help you relax right?

Well, if you love to read some story, then what about hearing them. Because, you can’t read while you are in a bathtub right? Well, this apps will read you a relaxing story, give you a meditation sound, and help you relax overall.

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4. 500 Top Classic Song


For those who like to hear a relaxing music, then Classic song is probably the best. Which is why, we recommend you to use this app to relax while you are in a bath tub. You will feel not only fancy but also feel good. Add wine to your relaxing bath and voila, you will be stressed relieve!

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