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Regardless of what you do in this day, everything can be easily stolen. Especially if you are a content creator, which is why it is very important to protect your content creation with watermark.

We have make some of the best apps that you can use to create your own watermark from a photo, but sometimes that can also be a hassle. I mean if you can use your camera that can add the watermark on the picture then why bother using the app?

Well, today we will give you some of the best camera app that can easily put your a watermark on your picture. Check them out!

1. MI ShotOn: Shot On Watermark On Photo(Auto)

MI ShotOn App Put Auto text (Shot On MI ) and any brand logo As watermark For your picture from the built-in Camera, adjust its size, transparency, rotation, alignment, then save and share it. Lots of settings and features, also auto processing and batch mode. e.g “Shot on (Phone’s Name)” and “Shot by (Your Name)”.

ShotOn Mi Watermark your photos, right from your phone. Create and Apply Fully customizable ShotOn for Mi watermarks (We aren’t kidding). ShotOn Mi Watermark your content to Protect from unauthorized use (Copyright) OR Apply digital signature to create your Brand. Add ShotOn Mi watermark on photos provides a complete watermarking solution right on your phone

2. Watermark for Camera: Add Time & Location to Photo

This App can add time stamp, location stamp and signature stamp on photo while capturing. Add current time, location and signature while capturing images, you can change time format or select the location around easily.

The apps is easy to use and can be use whenever you wanted. You can drag and drop your stamp position, you can also customized your font, from color to size. Support auto add location address and GPS and lastly add your logo as a signature on your photo. It is one of the best watermark app of all.

3. Auto Add Logo Copyright with Text on Camera Photos

Auto Logo Copyright app is a quick fix solution to auto Add a Copyright Logo on your Photos captured using your Phone’s Built-in camera.

Simply open the app, add / upload your watermark logo, add your text if you want to, and then voila you will be able to have your own watermark in every picture that you took. The app is really simple and easy to use.

4. Watermark Camera

Watermark Camera enable you to keep your original picture quality, while giving you the ability to easily add your logo. You can choose your own custom watermark that let you protect your privacy. Simply upload the logo that you wanted to the app and then voila. Easy right?

5. Watermark Camera – Add Time and Location to Photo

Add Time Stamp and Location on your photos. Auto add time, location, real-time text watermark on photos as you take them! Camera Text Add-on is a new way to express yourself.

Add real-time text watermark directly to your camera! See text and effects applied Live before you take your photo! See time, location, text and effects applied Live before you take your photo and video!

This app is fastest and easiest way to watermark images. No need of photo editing or image editor tool for watermarking. Watermarking displays your ownership of a photo. Like signing your name to a document, watermarking displays, no matter where your photo goes, that it’s your property.

Brand your images before sharing them online. Digitally sign your photos/artwork with logo, signature, trademarks, copyright to claim, secure and maintain your intellectual property and reputation.

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