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Apart from becoming a phone, iPhone can do a lot of things, from Social media, listening to the music and so on. It is called Smartphone for a reason. Because depending on the apps that it is installed, it can have different function.

Of course, each function has their own subtle use. Now, If you want to measure something and didn’t bring any ruler or any measurement device, then don’t worry. You can use your smartphone as a ruler to measure something. After you install these apps below.

1. Ruler App + AR Tape Measure

This ruler apps has plenty of feature from AR Ruler that uses augmented reality technology that enables you to measure different things in the real world. You can use it to measure anything with your smartphone camera like the picture above. Simply aim for the plane that you want to measure by using your camera and voila you can measure what you want easily. There are also a feature called Photo Ruler that is designed to accurately determine the size of any object by either taking a picture of it or measuring it on the screen. With its simple user-friendly design Photo Ruler allows you to measure things just as conveniently and precisely as with a traditional ruler or tape measure.

 2. AirMeasure – AR Tape & Ruler

AirMeasure™ is The Ultimate Augmented Reality Measuring ToolKit with over 15+ unique modes to create the most accurate measurements possible. ( Formerly named ‘AR Measure’ ) Loaded with features, the app includes tools that let you measure anything from small items, to room dimensions, to faraway buildings & structures – even people too! We’ve bundled additional tools to help with your measuring-related tasks, such as: laser levels that can be added to any wall or surface; brushes for drawing or marking things in 3D space; and a catalog filled with virtual furniture you can preview in a room. IMPORTANT: You must have an ARKit enabled device to have access to all the available tools. (i.e. 6S or better)

3. MeasureKit – AR Ruler Tape

MeasureKit allows you to measure different things in the world using your iPhone’s or iPad’s camera. Leveraging Apple’s new ARKit technology, MeasureKit contains 9 measuring AR tools which includes ruler, magnetometer, trajectory, Face mesh, Marker Pin, Angles, Person Height, Cube, and Lastly Level. The app MeasureKit features an advanced internal algorithm for world understanding using ARKit. This allows the app to offer really smooth and accurate measuring experience including on walls and other vertical planes. While most of similar AR ruler apps are limited to measuring accurately only on a desk & floor, with MeasureKit you can easily measure a painting on your wall, for example and many other.

4. 3-in-1 Ruler

3 in one ruler enable you to use Three ways to measure when you don’t have a measuring tape or a ruler. It includes a ruler feature that enable you to get a simple yet precise small measurements, AR feature that let you place a virtual measuring tape on either horizontal or vertical surface such as walls, table, or floor, and lastly airprint where you can print a ruler which will depends on your printer itself. The apps let you use your phone as a measuring device easily and precisely.

5. Ruler AR – Camera Tape Measure

Ruler AR uses Apple ARKit and augmented reality technology to bring you the full experience of a real tape measure right out of the box. Get precise sizes and dimensions of pretty much everything using only your iPhone camera. Simply move your phone around the object with camera view to detect the thing that you want to measure. Place the aiming mark at the start of your object and then tap the measure button, move the mark to the end point and then tap again. For a more accurate measurement simply move your phone to the closer and the measure it.

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